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Thousands of trucks stranded at Lao Cai border gate

Due to the sluggish import and export activities for the past few days, the northern province of Lao Cai has reported around 1,000 trucks got stuck at the Lao Cai International Border Gate on August 22.

Quang Ninh utilises COVID-19-free zones to revive agriculture exports to China

The northeastern province of Quang Ninh earned nearly 1.18 billion USD from exports in the first half of 2022, an increase of 0.76% against the same period last year, data showed.

Lao Cai border gate shuts down due to Covid

The Kim Thanh II international border gate in the northern province of Lao Cai suspended import-export activities from today, July 4, after China discovered Vietnamese goods having the coronavirus.

Quang Ninh sets up “green zones” for smoother border trade

Quang Ninh is setting up “green zones” and increasing discussion with the Chinese side to stabilise import-export activities through border gates, amid different COVID-19 prevention and control measures between the two sides.

Binh Thuan Province farmers cut down dragon fruit trees on losing China market

Dragon fruit farmers in Binh Thuan Province have cut down thousands of trees and switched to other crops after suffering heavy losses due to low prices.

Agriculture ministry develops project to boost exports to China

A radical solution to prevent farm produce truck congestion at border gates requires understanding the Chinese market well and creating a specific project on boosting exports to China.

Exports to China still stuck at border, trade stalls

Trucks carrying farm produce are still stuck at border gates, causing exports of some vegetables and fruits to fall sharply.

The art of doing cross-border trade with China

Jackfruit exports to China bring $124 million a year. However, the export/import ‘game’ is controlled by five Vietnamese individual and institutional exporters and three Chinese importers.

Authorities and firms suggest solutions to trade uncertainty

Volatile consumption is often an issue for Vietnamese fruit sales during the first three months of the year. Standardisation is the only solution to this problem.


Unofficial-quota trade alone is not solution to fruit, vegetable sales

As the total annual output of vegetables and fruits is 28 million tons, unofficial-quota exports and domestic consumption alone won’t use up this amount.

Vietnam's agricultural produce to China fully traceable

Vietnam’s agricultural produce sent to China are, including those sent via unofficial channels, quality products. Quality has no bearing on them being stopped at customs.

Proper mechanism needed to export farm produce by sea to China

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Transport recently co-hosted a conference on promoting the export of agricultural products through maritime transport as a way of devising a proper mechanism for farm exports.

Agriculture Ministry denies that cross-border exports are low-quality products

Vietnam exported $3.52 billion worth of vegetables and fruits in 2021, an increase of 8.6 percent over the year before. China remains the biggest client consuming 54.5 percent of the exports.

Lang Son to stop receiving fresh fruit vehicles from Jan 17 to Tet

The northern province of Lang Son has announced that it would stop allowing vehicles transporting fresh fruits to its border gates for export to China from January 17 until the lunar New Year holiday or Tet.

China reopens one more border gate with Vietnam for fresh fruit imports

Chinese authority on January 12 re-opened its Hekou International Border Gate for imported fresh fruits, including dragon fruit, and frozen foods from Vietnam, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Unable to cross the border to China, farm produce is sold on pavements

Millions of tons of farm produce have been put on sale in the domestic market as exports to China are stuck at the border. The prices have fallen dramatically.

Farm export deadlock at border gates: long-term solution needed

Preliminary treatment centers and cold storage warehouses along the border and systematic logistics chains are both needed, experts said.

Lang Son proposes transporting goods to China by rail

The Customs Department of Lang Son Province has proposed transporting goods to China by rail to cope with the huge backlog of goods along the northern border.

Authorities work to resolve trade bottlenecks

As China continues to stick to its zero-COVID policy and impose strict measures on people and goods entering the country, Vietnamese authorities are putting forward solutions to ease trade bottlenecks at border gates.

5,000 container trucks stuck at border gates amid 50 talks with China

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) reported that 1,555 trucks carrying exports to China are stuck in Quang Ninh as of December 25, and 4,204 in Lang Son as of December 25. Some of them have been deadlocked for a month.