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Vietnam expects to see spectacular export growth rate in 2019 despite influences from the US-China trade war, but the government has decided to maintain the same export target for 2020.

Vietnamese firms struggle to export more farm produce to China

China has set comprehensive policies on importing farm produce, but Vietnam’s exports to the market remain below expectation.

Vietnam strives to boost exports to ASEAN

Though ASEAN is an open market for Vietnam, it has not been easy to export products to the large market.

Vietnam's exports to US soar, but risks exist

With a growth rate of 34 percent, or $10.9 billion, Vietnam has jumped from 12th to 7th among the leading suppliers to the US market.

Makers of Vietnamese goods seek foothold in Thailand

Many Vietnamese products' availability at large supermarkets in Thailand will act as a springboard for Vietnamese goods to reach the regional market.

Vietnamese pepper farmers struggle to survive

Price reductions, stiff competition and technical barriers are pushing the Vietnamese pepper industry against the wall.

Vietnam’s farm produce uncompetitive because of packaging problems

To attract customers, manufacturers need to pay more attention to packaging, experts said.

VN snack exports have huge potential

Vietnam’s snacks made of farm produce could conquer foreign markets, especially China, experts say.

Vietnam’s veggies and fruits can no longer cross the border to enter China

Vietnam’s vegetables and fruits are finding it difficult to enter China, but the country continues to import Chinese products in large quantities.

Farm produce: selling much, but making little profit

Official reports all show that exports of farm produce have increased sharply since the beginning of the year, but the value is very low.

Chinese farm produce market choosier, causing concern among exporters

Vietnam’s businesses have had to change the way of organizing production to satisfy the increasingly high demand from China.

Vietnamese farmers' exports to China face uphill battle

Though they were warned beforehand, farmers are still unable to satisfy requirements, and their produce has been rejected by China.


Farm produce now available on online platforms

HCM City will soon be able to order coconuts from Ben Tre and Lo Ren starapples from Tien Giang province.

Some farm exports still trying to get approval to enter choosy EU market

The EU is strengthening the protection of local farm produce by setting high requirements on food safety and traceability, thus putting pressure on Vietnam’s farm exports.

Farm exports plunge, domestic sales stuck

VietNamNet Bridge - The export turnover of Vietnam’s key export items unexpectedly fell sharply in the first two months of the year. 

Vietnamese manufacturers work with distributors

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and retailers have been working together in programs to connect producers and distributors, resulting in more sales of Vietnamese-made products and local specialty food items at supermarket chains.

Vietnam’s agriculture had good results in 2018, but some exports are vulnerable

VietNamNet Bridge - Statistics show satisfactory results for agricultural production in 2018. However, there were ‘dark corners’ that need to be cleared, experts say.

Farm produce: ‘rescue campaigns’ still needed, even as exports rise

VietNamNet Bridge - Reports show that Vietnam’s farm produce exports have been increasing steadily year after year, but many farmers cannot sell all of their produce.

Ministries and provincial chairpersons take on marketing duties

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has several times asked the leaders of the Government, National Assembly and local authorities to help sell Vietnamese farm produce in the world market.

Businesses aim to export farm produce through official channels to China

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese businesses face high risks when exporting farm produce to China across border gates via unofficial means.