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VietNamNet Bridge - Reports show that Vietnam’s farm produce exports have been increasing steadily year after year, but many farmers cannot sell all of their produce.

Ministries and provincial chairpersons take on marketing duties

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has several times asked the leaders of the Government, National Assembly and local authorities to help sell Vietnamese farm produce in the world market.

Businesses aim to export farm produce through official channels to China

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese businesses face high risks when exporting farm produce to China across border gates via unofficial means. 

Vietnam’s goods enter Thailand through niche markets

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese businesses have found alternative ways to bring their products to the Thai market. 

Vietnam’s farm produce struggles to overcome technical barriers

Vietnam misses many opportunities to export farm produce because of food safety requirements set by import countries.

Which way for Vietnam’s farm produce?

More farm-produce rescue campaigns will be needed because agricultural production is still fragmented and unplanned, according to Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Vu Dai Thang.

Vietnam’s farm produce shout for help

When vegetable and fruit sales are low, ministries, celebrities and organizations often call for help from the community.

Is $40 billion worth of farm exports beyond reach?

VietNamNet Bridge - The high agricultural production growth rate in Q1 2018 has prompted government to set a target of exporting $40 billion worth of farm produce this year. 

Farm produce falls in price, farmers incur losses

Pineapple, watermelon and chili growers are complaining about the hot weather which has forced them to work hard to water crops. Meanwhile, farm produce prices have dropped dramatically.

Competition in farm-material growing areas heats up

VietnamNet Bridge - Many foreign conglomerates have jumped into the Vietnamese farm produce market after Vietnam signed a series of FTAs.

If taxed, will Chinese traders be able to control the farm produce market?

VietNamNet Bridge - Chinese traders buy farm produce from Vietnamese businesses, but don’t pay tax. As a result, VASEP has sent a dispatch to the Ministry of Finance, proposing to tax Chinese traders.

Valuable farm produce sold at low prices

VietNamNet Bridge - Because of poor processing technology, Vietnamese have to sell valuable farm produce at rock-bottom prices.

Domestic producers worry about foreign retailers’ foray

 VietNamNet Bridge – Many Vietnamese producers have expressed concern over the rapid expansion of foreign retailers on the domestic market as their products may be replaced by foreign items at supermarkets with foreign involvement.

Ministries get 2016 assignments

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Prime Minister has signed a decision giving assignments to eight ministries to help realize this year’s socio-economic targets.

Farm exports face challenges as exporters put all eggs in one basket

VietNamNet Bridge - The rapid increase in exports to one market may force Vietnam to face anti-dumping lawsuits, while large exports to China will bring risks as this is an unsafe market.

Vietnam’s farm produce faces unpredictable future

VietNamNet Bridge - Current factors, including the global recession, Chinese yuan devaluation and global oversupply, do not support Vietnamese farm exports, experts say.

Vietnamese farmers unite in struggle against Chinese traders

Binh Thuan provincial authorities have fined 23 Chinese businessmen for illegal collection of dragonfruits in the locality. Ca Mau provincial authorities have stopped the  illegal crab collection by Chinese traders.

Storehouses in Lang Son will not save farm produce: analysts

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts have warned that even if goods transit centers are built in border areas, Vietnam’s farm produce will still be at a disadvantage if Chinese businesses make problems for Vietnamese merchants.

Vietnam’s farm produce dogged by bad luck

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is the second biggest rice exporter in the world, the fifth largest tea exporter and the fourth biggest shrimp exporter. But the country has met major difficulties when entering large markets.

What’s behind the high export figures?

VietNamNet Bridge - High export turnover and high export growth rate are figures usually cited in government agency reports as proof of economic development. However, there are many problems behind the figures.