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The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), in an effort to rescue Vietnam’s farm produce, has decided to organize online trade between Vietnamese sellers and Chinese businesses.

Vietnam can become food supplier to the whole world: VIDA’s chair

Vietnam has an opportunity to become the food supplier of the world, according to Truong Gia Binh, an influential businessman.

VN food companies make innovative products from excess farm produce

Vietnamese food inspired on COVID-19 has been praised by international media.

Vietnam export targets still attainable under certain conditions

If Covid-19 is contained by Q2, exports will bounce back and the 7-8 percent export growth rate in 2020 will be within reach.

Vietnamese food, foodstuff producers gear up for epidemic

Covid-19 has led to a sharp increase in the demand for essential goods.

Farm exports to EU and US stuck, Vietnam looks to China, ASEAN

In order to export $42 billion worth of products as planned, exports to China need to grow by 10 percent and to ASEAN by 9 percent to offset the decline in exports to the US and EU.

VN farm exports head for Chinese market again

Signs of Vietnamese farm export recovery have appeared as the Chinese market has begun importing products again.

Vietnam seeks new markets for farm produce

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has asked its Vietnam Trade Offices (VTRs) overseas to help connect Vietnamese enterprises with foreign partners to boost farm produce exports.

EVFTA brings opportunities to escape reliance on Chinese market

The next-generation FTA with the EU is believed to pave the way for Vietnam to diversify export markets and ease reliance on China.

Covid-19 brings both challenges and opportunities to VN farm, forestry, seafood produce

Enterprises have begun changing their production. Three or four enterprises which specialize in exporting woodchips have bought equipment to make MDF

Dragon fruit noodles? Firms create new food products as exports to China slump

The Viet Nam Flour Corporation (Vikybomi) has created new food products made from wheat flour and farm produce such as dragon fruit and watermelon amid a reduction in fruit exports to China.


VN cross-border trade suffers heavily in Covid-19 crisis

Imports and exports of farm produce, especially fruit, to China in the next six to eight months will not be as high as in January 2019.

The ‘farm produce rescue’ method

Some retailers have reportedto the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) that there is no more farm produce to rescue. But farmers still complain that their farm produce remains unsalable.

Farm produce stuck at border, but farmers don't want to sell

Thousands of trucks are still heading for the Vietnam-China border gates, though the exports are getting stuck because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Produce 'rescue' campaigns help farmers amid export decline to China due to coronavirus outbreak

Mekong Delta farmers are facing natural calamities and saline intrusion, as well as the decline of the Chinese market amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Farm exports to China blocked as coronavirus crisis worsens

Problems have arisen in the first days of the Year of the Rat: the sale of farm produce to China has declined because of the coronavirus.

Pepper price to remain low this year

Pepper prices this year are unlikely to recover after a strong reduction in 2019 due to abundant supply.

What will happen if Vietnam reduces tariffs on American farm imports?

The US has proposed to reduce the import tax on some of its agricultural products, including chicken, some fruits, wheat, potato, pork and dairy products.

China tightens control over farm imports, Vietnamese farmers suffer

Prices of Vietnamese fruit such as dragon fruit, durian, passion fruit, and jackfruit have fallen sharply as a result of the new Chinese policy on tightening control over farm imports.

The US wants VN to cut tariff on farm produce

Vietnam needs to learn from experiences from other regiolnal countries and take appropriate measures to protect domestic production, experts say.