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Dislodged from supermarkets, Vietnam’s fruits are being displayed at sidewalk shops and sold by street vendors.

Australia, US fruit imports cheap but China fruit expensive

Vietnamese are no longer turning their back on Chinese fruits but are queueing up to buy more imported fruit.

Big step for Vietnamese fruits towards US market

First litchi fruits of northern Hai Duong and Bac Giang provinces have been shipped by sea to the US to be sold at Safeway and Albersons - two supermarket chains with the largest network on the West Coast of the US.

Though petrol prices have fallen, food prices have remained high

Contrary to all predictions, food prices have remained high despite the sharp fall of gasoline prices.

Cheap fruit imports taking sales away from domestic fruit

Just within six months, Vietnam spent nearly $900 million to import vegetables and fruits. The products are piling up at supermarkets and online markets at surprisingly low prices.

Measures to stabilize pork prices to be immediately implemented

The Government Office yesterday released Document No.4679/VPCP-KTTH about the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai on stabilizing the prices of pork and animal feed, which have increased significantly lately.

Vietnam poised to join top 10 global farm produce processors

The nation has high hopes of developing a modern and sustainable farm produce processing system, thereby transforming the country into one of the world’s top 10 agricultural processing hubs by 2030

Vietnamese fruit exports to China fall as consumption drops

Eleven Vietnamese fruits have been allowed to be exported to China through official channels. However, Chinese  consumption decreased during the pandemic, and, as a result, Vietnam’s exports to the market fell by $400 million in H1.

Vietnam targets to stay among the world’s top 10 farm produce processing hubs

The Government would push for greater mechanization in agricultural production.

Vietnam to increase official export channels to avoid putting exporters at risk

After durian - the eleventh fruit of Vietnam - was licensed for official import by China, MARD and MOIT have encouraged official export channels to avoid putting exporters at risk.

Popular Vietnamese dishes remain unbranded globally

American people love to eat pho, so a bowl of pho is three times bigger than usual. In Sweden, people queue up at pho introduction stalls to be served.

Businesses urged to produce more processed fruit

Consumption trends in Vietnam and the world have changed. Consumers now want plant-origin, high-quality, multi-use and nutritional farm produce.

China resumes imports, Vietnamese farm produce prices rise

The prices of many fruits have increased sharply these days as China, the biggest consumer, has begun increasing imports.

Imports flood fruit market, domestic fruit now dirt-cheap

Fruit exports have sharply decreased in number, while imports have soared. Farmers are now finding it difficult to sell products.

Growing and chopping down crops: nightmare for farmers

Farmers have had a bumper fruit crop this year, but they are unhappy as prices are sliding dramatically.

Learning from Japanese who sell super-expensive agricultural products

When Vietnam sells its products to the world, it only has a large output. It forgets to tell the story about the culture, history, and the farming process of the land where the products are born.

Cheap fruit piles up on sidewalks

“Rescue dragon fruit. Just VND90,000 per box of 20 kilograms.” “Watermelon surprisingly cheap at VND5,000 per kilogram.” These are the sales pitches heard by Phung Thi Tho in Hoang Mai district in Hanoi every day.

$50 billion: new annual target for Vietnam’s farm produce

New records in export turnover were set by key export items for January, making the annual target of $50 billion worth of farm exports feasible.

Exports to China still stuck at border, trade stalls

Trucks carrying farm produce are still stuck at border gates, causing exports of some vegetables and fruits to fall sharply.

1.4 million tons of ‘super food’ sells for only VND3,000 per kilo

In some European countries, dragonfruit is considered ‘super food’, priced at VND650,000 per kilogram. Vietnam has 1.4 million tons of the fruit each year and farmers sell it at only VND3,000 per kilogram.