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While Phu Yen lobster prices are surging, VND100,000 per kilogram more expensive than the previous crop, other aquatic specialties including ca lang (hemibagrus) and hau sua (oyster milk) have seen prices plummet, causing big losses for farmers.

Agriculture Ministry to open new path for farm produce sales

“We have to figure out a new ‘farm produce path’ that allows us to connect fields and markets,” said Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan.


Experts propose solutions to supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19

A group of experts of the Hanoi-based National Economics University have put forward several immediate solutions to remove bottlenecks and connect disrupted supply chains that have impacted localities hit by COVID-19.


China stops transactions, 20,000 tons of bananas go unsold

As China has unexpectedly stopped collecting bananas, a large amount of bananas remains unsold, including 20,000 tons in Lao Cai and Lai Chau alone.

Don’t blame merchants for higher prices: ministry

Reporting on the effects of the Prime Minister Directive 16 in southern provinces, Taskforce 970 said that production and consumption of farm produce have become stable but prices of some seafood, poultry meat and pork have begun increasing again.

Vietnamese export goods do not carry SARS-CoV-2 virus: MoIT

Minister of Industry and Trade (MoIT) affirms that Vietnam's export goods do not contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus, unlike some sources have stated.

Green zones clear the way for 1.1 million tons of farm produce

To maintain supply chains, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) wants to set up ‘buffer zones’ to gather farm produce and build ‘green passages’ and ‘green zones’ for farm produce distribution.

Southern provinces assisted to sell farm produce amid social distancing

An online forum has been organized to discuss solutions to help 19 southern provinces sell their farm produce.

Longan distribution gets stuck, farmers suffer

Gardeners, farms and cooperatives need to sell 700 tons of longan a day, but collectors and distributors cannot access the growing areas because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Ministry to help farming households sell goods on e-commerce

Postmart and Vo So e-commerce sites have been assigned to place farm produce on sale, thus promoting the digital economy in agriculture and rural development.

Farmers incur big losses as export channels to China get stuck due to Covid crisis

Vegetable and fruit prices have plummeted recently because they cannot be exported to China. In fruit centers, farmers are incurring big losses despite bountiful crops.


Selling farm produce online: e-commerce sites compete to attract farmers

For years, farmers had to rely on the wholesale distribution method and could not sell products directly to consumers. But that has changed in recent years.

Litchis sell well on e-commerce sites

Nguyen Van Lan’s 2-hectare litchi orchard in Luc Ngan district in Bac Giang province is ready for harvest. However, he still doesn’t know what to do to sell all the 40-50 tons of litchis amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

'Farm rescue' campaigns are on the way out

Farm produce should be sold in a competitive market, rather than through a "market of compassion" or rescue campaigns, experts have said.

Mango exports: Cambodia has become Vietnam’s rival in the Chinese market

Cambodia has obtained the go-ahead to export mangoes to China, becoming a new rival for Vietnam in the 1.4 billion consumer market.

Vietnam’s digital economy to hit 52 billion USD by 2025

Vietnam’s digital economy will likely reach 52 billion USD in value by 2025, according to the e-Conomy SEA 2019 report by Google, Temasek and Bain & Company.


Farmer earns billions of VND by using smartphone, apps

Farming in Vietnam has become more digitized, which has eased the workload and increased sales of products to people who live in other localities.

E-commerce supply chain, not rescue campaigns, will help farmers

Hanoi plans to develop an app to sell farm produce and organize an e-commerce supply chain in an effort to build a close link among producers, logistics and e-commerce service providers.

Price of Vietnamese pepper soars after two years at record low

After a long period of sinking to the bottom and causing big losses for farmers, the price of pepper, often called "black gold", has skyrocketed.

Online stalls help ‘rescue’ farm produce in North

Hai Duong’s first farm produce, including cabbage and chicken eggs, are being sold on, an e-commerce website, while an online stall distributing Hai Duong’s produce has been set up.