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In 2007, the State Bank began testing intermediary payment services. Nine pioneers in the market received licenses to provide services. 

Vietnamese fintechs and the $35 billion dream

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is an attractive fintech market with estimated value of $35 billion. However, it has lagged behind in the last 10 years.

Multi-million dollar live-chat services expected to see big investments

VietNamNet Bridge - The demand for live chat in Vietnam has increased by 30 percent in the last two years, raising the market value to $20 million.

The 8X generation of women in the technology world

VietNamNet Bridge - Beautiful, powerful and talented, these young executive officers born in the 1980s have made great contributions to the development of their technology firms.

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur: good or bad trend?

VietNamNet Bridge - Indicators show that Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest entrepreneurial spirit in the world.

Fintechs enter new development period with huge investments

VietNamNet Bridge - Fintech is not an easy playing field for startups, but the firms have been growing rapidly with capital from investment funds.

Bank officers face risk of losing jobs amid technology wave

VietNamNet Bridge - Consumers’ rapid adoption of new technologies have forced commercial banks to invest big money to renovate technologies. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of bank officers fear they may lose jobs because of technology upgrades.

Vietnamese fintech companies energized with foreign capital

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign investors have begun to eye Vietnamese fintech companies.

Startups raise huge capital from foreign investors

VietNamNet Bridge - Many technology startups have received funds worth tens of billions of dong after their first calls for capital.

VN banks playing catch-up to online buyers

 VietNamNet Bridge – As the country moves toward deeper integration, banks are striving to improve their information and technology systems in order to catch up with new trends and to ensure customer safety.

HCM City to spend over $400 million to encourage startups

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts believe that HCM City will make a profitable investment by pumping VND1 trillion into startups, because the benefits in the future will be even higher.

Vietnamese-American tech firms in US yet to reach $1billion status

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese-born Americans have gained encouraging achievements with their technology firms in the US but none of the startups have reached unicorn status, or a $1billion valuation. 

Complicated procedures in VN drive startups to Singapore

VietNamNet Bridge - More and more Vietnamese firms, especially technology startups, are registering their businesses in Singapore to avoid complicated administrative procedures in Vietnam.

Startups register businesses in Singapore, why?

VietNamNet Bridge - Many Vietnamese startups are registering their business in Singapore instead of Vietnam.

Foreign investment funds eye fintech startups

VietNamNet Bridge - Fintech (financial technology) firms are the new ‘aiming point’ for financial investors.

Fintech to see boom in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - 2015 was believed to be the year which witnessed a boom of technology startups in the finance sector, or Fintech.