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 VietNamNet Bridge – When the food first hits the water, a school of tra fish appears, eager to eat.

Alien creatures kill fish in Kien Giang

 VietNamNet Bridge - The strange creatures appeared in Kien Hai district of the southern province of Kien Giang after the Lunar New Year. They produce poison that kills fish.

Binh Dinh seeks the source of oil spills

The oil spills on the coast of Quy Nhon city has caused serious damage to the environment and fishermen. To quickly find the cause and prevent further damage, the local government has used divers.

Thousands of liters of oil spilled on Quy Nhon beach

 VietNamNet Bridge – On the morning of July 7, many fishermen found concentrated oil on aquaculture cages in Hai Cang Ward, Quy Nhon City of Binh Dinh Province, which killed a lot of shrimp and fish.