The online community has shared that luxury vacation is now, oddly enough, the petrol station rather than Phu Quoc or Nha Trang… as the petrol price has rocketed recently.

The recent significant increase in fuel costs has become a subject of interest to especially vehicle riders, in their own manner. Photography addicts came up with the notion of checking in at a petrol station, which is now regarded “trendy” in Vietnam these days.

Tran Quang Minh (born 2003, Nha Trang University student) is the owner of a collection of check-in images at a petrol station that has sparked a fever online with approximately 50,000 interactions.

According to Minh, the original plan was to capture fashion shots at major businesses to demonstrate luxury. However, when the price of gas rose and the gas station became a ‘opulent’ spot, the Nha Trang student came up with the concept of capturing photos here with the help of his buddy Thuy Duyen.

The young man confessed that it created an odd feeling in him when snapping photos at the petrol station, which compared to prior check-in sites, was just poles apart.

Doan My Chau (Khanh Hoa University’s student) was likewise shocked when her check-in photos at the petrol station garnered a storm of likes as the main character in the photo series.

My Chau stated that the images were shot at a petrol station in the heart of Nha Trang. When she witnessed the high price of fuel in recent days, the student just planned to shoot images joining the trend without the idea that the photos would become widely circulated.

 “As the price of fuel rose, gas stations became a site cared about by a great many people. At the time, Minh invited me to shoot a photo at the petrol station, and I quickly accepted since the idea was quite appealing,” 10X generation young woman explained.

My Chau picked a black outfit for the series of images based on her tastes, exuding her favored style. Some overseas fashionistas were inspired by the postures in the shoot.

My Chau stated that shooting pictures here has several challenges, such as having to avoid impeding the functioning of the gas station, locating an empty space to pose in and not getting other people in the frame, and so on.

Netizens are delighted to repost this unique sequence of check-in images on several sites. Many comments state that there is no need to travel far when there are "thousands of likes" images just at the gas station 'luxury’ photographic locations at a time when petrol prices skyrocket.

Despite shooting images on the spur of the moment, young man Do Phong soon caught up with the check-in trend at the gas station with photo model Tran Kieu Trang.

According to Do Phong, the images were shot at a petrol station in My Phuoc district (Long Xuyen city, An Giang province). Before the shot, he and his buddies properly inquired and received permission from the employees working here.

“I'm intrigued by the unplanned images made at the petrol station. At this moment, many people are concerned about rising gas prices and joke that the gas station is the most opulent place today, a must check-in,” the young guy explained.

Kieu Trang, who was in the same mindset as the photographer, admitted to feeling intrigued and eccentric, while capturing a series of images at the petrol station. The young girl wore black clothing that was full of individuality, displaying her self-assurance, attracting attention of many people around.

These images were created in one day and reflect the young photographer's excitement and originality (Photo: Minh Tran)
The shot's color hue is altered to match the setting of the photo session, boosting the model's beauty and the color of the sun. (Photo courtesy of Minh Tran)
Quang Minh "rolls out" on the road with Thuy Duyen's help to finish the set of check-in shots at the petrol station (Photo: Minh Tran)
The student from Nha Trang poses at a petrol station. The images were shot in a short period of time to minimize interference with business operations at the petrol station (Photo: Minh Tran)
“Who now invites each other to Da Lat and Da Nang? Best buddies take each other to nice place like this” – Phong humorously characterized the collection of images shot at the petrol. (Photo: Phong Do)

Kieu Trang’s dressed in black helping radiate her confidence. (Photo courtesy of Phong Do)

Phan Dau