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Update news GDP per capita

Core inflation in 2016 will not be much higher than that of 2015, at about 3 percent, while the inflation rate will be a little bit lower than core inflation, about 2-3 percent. The exchange rate and interest rate would bear hard pressure.

Is Vietnam lagging behind?

VietNamNet Bridge - While many Vietnamese people are pessimistic about economic development, foreign institutions have shown objective opinions that Vietnam’s economy continues to progress.

Economic hallmarks in 2015

VietNamNet Bridge - 2015 is still a difficult year for the Vietnam economy. However, there have been signs of recovery.

Retailers flee from shopping malls

VietNamNet Bridge - The high rent for retail premises in large cities, especially HCM City, has forced retailers to give up their business.

Development partners worry about Vietnam’s public debt

VietNamNet Bridge - Investors have repeatedly voiced their concern about Vietnam’s public debt which has been increasing rapidly, and about the national default risk, according to Le Xuan Nghia, head of the Business Development Institute (BDI).

3 billion-liter beer market attracts more foreign breweries

VietNamNet Bridge - A series of new beer brands have appeared in the domestic market recently. Many brewery groups are planning to jump into Vietnam's promising market with 3 billion liters of beer consumed every year.

The ‘lobster budget’ in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - The administration center and monument projects developed in cities and provinces are compared to ‘dishes of lobsters’ at the poor’s parties: they are too luxurious and cause a big waste.

Vietnam warned about negative impact from Chinese ‘infrastructure leverage’

VietNamNet Bridge - While China, Laos and Thailand are believed to benefit from the Chinese ‘infrastructure leverage’ program, Vietnam will sustain negative impact from it.

Falling behind, Vietnam still spends money on luxury goods

VietNamNet Bridge - Though Vietnam is among the countries with lower average income, many Vietnamese are still willing to spend big money on luxury goods.

Who is the most profitable beer maker in Vietnam?

Sabeco and Habeco, the two largest Vietnamese breweries, made VND5.3 trillion in pretax profit in 2014. However, the figure was still far below that earned by VBL, the distributor of Heineken, Tiger and Biere-Larue.

What will happen to Vietnam if Japan's economy falls into recession?

The news that Japan has entered an economic downturn has raised concerns among Vietnamese exporters. Meanwhile, experts believe Japan will still be keen in providing ODA (official development assistance) to Vietnam. 

Vietnam’s stocks have great potential for foreign investors

VietNamNet Bridge - KustoCem, an investment institution from Singapore, saw profits of VND900 billion thanks to investment in CTD shares of CotecCons.

Public debt unsustainable

VietNamNet Bridge - Spending too much while income is limited, according to experts, is the main reason behind the current worrying situation of public debt.

Chinese economic slowdown won’t have considerable impact on Vietnam: Ministry

The decline of the Chinese economy will have a negative impact on Vietnam, but the impacts will be insignificant in the short term. Vietnam’s import/export activities will suffer the most.

Businesses still suffer even with higher GDP growth rate, low inflation

VietNamNet Bridge - Although the GDP growth rate is high and the inflation rate is low, both people and businesses are facing difficulties, economists say.

Unofficial fees drag down Vietnam’s logistics ranking

VietNamNet Bridge - Unofficial fees are one of the reasons behind businesses’ sky-high logistics costs, which account for 25 percent of GDP.

Vietnam’s public debt exceeds $1,000 per head threshold

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s public debt is still within the safety line, but there are latent high risks.

Newly released figures on public debt are ‘more reliable’, economists say

VietNamNet Bridge - The public debt for 2014 was 64.4 percent of GDP, not 59.9 per cent, as previously reported, according to a newly released report by the Ministry of Planning Investment (MPI). Economists say it is a more accurate figure.

Official refutes think tank’s calculation of public debt

A finance ministry official has refuted the figure of public debt in 2014 as given by the Policy and Development Institute under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, saying that the method of calculation is not in line with regulations.

Recalculation shows Vietnam’s public debt at 66.4% of GDP

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), after a recalculation, has announced that Vietnam’s public debt in 2014 was equal to 66.4 percent of GDP, or 6.5 percent higher than the 59.9 percent rate made public before.