GDP per capita

Update news GDP per capita

VietNamNet Bridge - The changes in debt structure, caused by the government's borrowing from domestic sources, and the rapid increase in total debts are two significant items included in the public debt bulletin.

GDP growth target in doubt, inflation rate higher than predicted

VietNamNet Bridge - Economists have warned that Vietnam may fail to reach a 6.7 percent GDP (gross domestic product) growth rate this year, and the inflation rate may exceed 5 percent.

VN urged to reduce raw mineral exports as natural resources decline

VietNamNet Bridge - The industrial production value growth in the first six months of the year slowed largely because of a decline in the mining industry.

Vietnamese getting richer, bankers earn big money

VietNamNet Bridge - The deposits from the public and businesses at commercial banks have soared to VND5,800 trillion. Is this because people now tend to deposit more money or have become more apprehensive of risks?

How high are the incomes of managers in state-owned conglomerates?

VietNamNet Bridge - The managers of state-owned economic groups and general corporations are reported to receive VND0.5 billion a year. But their real incomes are much higher.

‘Delayed-action bomb’ in China raises Vietnamese concerns

With the ‘destructive power’ believed to be much bigger than the 2008 crisis, the Chinese financial storm, if it occurs, will be a big threat to Vietnam, which has close economic relations with the world’s second-largest economy, experts say.

Fear of Inflation has returned as petrol price rises

VietNamNet Bridge - The petrol price increase was the major cause behind the higher consumer price index (CPI) in April, the highest increase in the last five years in the same period.  

Are the next 5-year economic goals attainable?

VietNamNet Bridge - The difficulties Vietnam has to face in the next five years will increase as ODA loans will be cut by 50 percent, while new loans will bear an interest rate of 3 percent.

Electronics & refrigerator retail market still promising

VietNamNet Bridge - It is expected that the spending on electronics and refrigeration products in Vietnam will reach VND157 trillion a year by 2020, including VND60 trillion on the former and VND97 trillion on the latter.

Big challenges await new government

VietNamNet Bridge - The public debt has hit a ceiling, the state budget is under strain, and enterprises’ competitiveness remains weak – all these will be great challenges for new cabinet.

International economists optimistic, Vietnamese pessimistic about economy

VietNamNet Bridge - While Vietnamese experts show big concerns about Vietnam economy, pointing out that too many problems still exist, foreign economists have a positive outlook about Vietnam.

Banks’ interest rate war could hurt economy

VietNamNet Bridge - Economists have voiced their concern about the new bank deposit interest rate war, saying this would affect the national economy recovery.

Most Vietnamese think they belong to ‘middle class’

VietNamNet Bridge - Only 50 percent of Vietnamese population can be listed as ‘middle class’ if considering their real annual incomes. However, 96 percent of Vietnamese think they belong to the middle class.

Public debt exceeds 62 percent of GDP, Vietnam walks tightrope

VietNamNet Bridge - The revenue of the state budget is not big enough to cover expenses, but Vietnam cannot continue borrowing big money.

Vietnamese super-rich willing to spend money on super cars

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese rich are spending enormous amounts of money for super cars.

Economists warn Vietnam to reduce reliance on FDI

One of the measurements of development in Vietnam, as in any country, is the level of foreign direct investment (FDI) say economists, because it represents a long-term commitment by foreign companies to the economy.

Private economic sector blocked by three powers

Private businesses, according to economists, have been hampered by state-owned enterprises (SOEs), foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) and state management agencies. 

Vietnam buys Chinese goods, from onions to cars, why?

VietNamNet Bridge - The majority of Vietnamese say they don’t want imports from China, but Chinese goods still flood the Vietnamese market.

Businesses give more generous Tet bonuses this year

VietNamNet Bridge - The better business performance in 2015 has prompted businesses to give more handsome bonuses to their workers this Tet.

China’s economic woes affect Vietnam’s financial market

VietNamNet Bridge - The problems of the Chinese economy have had a negative impact on Vietnam’s economy, including the financial market.