GDP per capita

Update news GDP per capita

VietNamNet Bridge - With the development of automation technology, many unskilled workers are expected to be replaced by robots on production lines.

Some business fields to face big challenges in 2017

The severe weather conditions in the first months of 2016 with drought and saline intrusion dealt a strong blow on Vietnam’s agriculture, leading to minus growth rate of the sector in the first half of the year. 

The northern key economic region - 20 years of review

Established in 1997, the northern key economic region, which includes seven northern provinces, enjoys geographical and development advantages.

Value of rice husks increases as raw material for silica

VietNamNet Bridge - Rice husks, which can produce silica, an input material for many kinds of paints, have increased in value. 

Climate change could spur development of renewable energy in VN

The significant increase in temperatures, a longer dry season and shorter rainy season, rising sea water levels, and stronger southwest and northeast monsoons in the future could be advantages for the development of renewable energy projects.

Will Vietnam be affected if Trump restricts imports from China?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is expected to be seriously affected if US policy restricts imports from China to protect domestic production.

Parents rethink children’s US studies after Trump elected new president

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese parents are worried about sending their children to the US to study because of US President-elect Trump's attitudes toward immigration. 

Rising private consumption to be major contributor to GDP growth

VietNamNet Bridge - China and other countries are looking to consumers and shifting to the production of the goods which bring higher added value. What is the trend in Vietnam?

Higher standard of living just a ‘wealth bubble’?

VietNamNet Bridge - Statistics show that Vietnamese income per capita has been increasing significantly. However, some analysts say this is just a ‘wealth bubble’.

Vietnamese spending more money on smartphones

VietNamNet Bridge - The average price of smartphones sold in Vietnam is VND5 million, higher than last year’s price of VND4.2 million.

Vietnam keeps long-term vision, sets too many goals

Most of the criteria Vietnam has set to become an industrialized country by 2020 appears to be unattainable. 

Instant noodle market no longer hot

VietNamNet Bridge - Between 50 and 55 instant noodle packs a year on average are bought by each Vietnamese, a slight decrease compared with recent years, according to the World Instant Noodles Association (WINA).


UOB and ORIX invest in Vietnam's leading private hydropower company; Shares sink, ending four-day rally; Construction of VN’s biggest zoo speeds up

Power equipment companies embrace SEA’s growing electricity demand

A number of foreign cable and wire companies are planning expansion in Vietnam in order to take advantage of the growing local and Southeast Asian demand.


Thirteen car brands on show at VMS; VN urged to up competitiveness; Government-backed loans to be temporarily halted

Public debt is near ceiling limit

VietNamNet Bridge - If public debt increases by VND385.375 trillion as estimated, Vietnam’s total public debt would climb to VND2,993 trillion, or 64 percent of GDP.

Businesses upset about smallest minimum-wage increase in decade

VietNamNet Bridge - The 7.3 percent increase in the minimum wage increase for 2017 is the smallest increase in the last decade but businesses still do not like it. 

Will car imports be limited under new regulations?

VietNamNet Bridge - Car importers are anxiously awaiting a new rule from the MInistry of Transport.

Increase in oil exploitation won’t help GDP: economists

VietNamNet Bridge - In the context of global oversupply and unstable oil prices, oil & gas exports must not be seen as the lifebuoy for the Vietnamese economy.

Middle-class Vietnamese: who are they?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is an attractive consumer market, listed among the top five ASEAN countries with the fastest increase in the number of middle-class consumers.