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Domestic suppliers make few inroads into global supply chains

Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung said that Vietnamese enterprises’ participation in the global value chain is very modest in both quantity and quality.

Producers strive to minimise grim supply chain disruptions

As supply chains have been stretched thin thanks to the pandemic, manufacturers are adjusting their strategies to respond to the current constraints.

Maintaining production chains crucial for Vietnam

As exports formed a key component of local economic development, maintaining production chains was crucial for Vietnam.

Exports increase sharply, but concerns persist about trade deficit

Vietnam’s merchandise trade balance in the first half of the year resulted in a trade deficit. Last year, it had a trade surplus for the same period.


Vietnam proves potential to profit from shifts in global supply chain

Years of economic growth and success in fighting Covid-19 paved the way for Vietnam to receive shifting FDI inflows, but limited participation in manufacturing industries might hinder its progress.

Vietnam’s participation in the global value chain

The ratio of Vietnamese goods imported and used as input materials by foreign countries is decreasing, while the ratio of Vietnam’s import of input materials to produce goods for end-consumption is increasing. 

How do VN businesses join the global supply chain?

“If enterprises want to join the global supply chain, don’t think local,” said Nguyen Anh Tuan from Samsung Vietnam.

Vietnam firms suggested to focus on supply chain strategy for long-term resilience

Being among the first countries in the region to reopen its economy, Vietnam should take the advantage to build upon the foundations for proactive resilience, stated PwC Vietnam.

Will Vietnam become important link in global supply chain?

The US is planning to remove some of its supply chain out of China and has invited other countries for a dialogue on this issue, including Vietnam.

When Apple comes to Vietnam and FDI flow starts moving

Apple is making clearer signals in the production of components and products in Vietnam, opening up opportunities for Vietnam to participate more deeply in the global value chain.


Vietnam stands to win as “China+1” gains traction

Changes in the global supply chain are taking place due to the virus outbreak, prompting a mounting number of foreign manufacturers to speed up their relocation from China to neighbouring countries including Vietnam.

Many Vietnamese firms could stop operations by late March as inputs run out

The disruption of materials supply chain from major markets to Vietnam has led to a lower growth rate of the industrial production index in the first two months.

Low technologies hinder Vietnam from joining global supply chain

Great opportunities are available, but the capability of Vietnamese enterprises to join global supply chains remains low.

Trading commodities on blockchain

A fair and efficient supply chain plays an important role in the development of any sector. 

Vietnamese enterprises try to squeeze into global production chains

VietNamNet Bridge - In the last 30 years, Vietnam has attracted massive amounts of FDI but has missed opportunities to develop supporting industries.