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Earning high by growing orchids on rooftop

Lam Khuong Quyen, a 35-year-old man in Can Tho City, can earn some VND30 million per month from the cultivation of orchids on the roof of his house.

Visually-impaired man to visit every province in VN to raise money for charity

Nguyen Sy Phi Sang, who lost his right arm and vision in both eyes due to a sudden accident two years ago, did not let the tragedy define him.

‘Mama Muoi’ sells house, spends half her life taking care of 100 disabled children

Mrs. Tran Thi Cam Giang or Ma Muoi (Mama Muoi), 86, has spent the last 35 years at the Thien Duyen shelter in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City to establish a home, and adopt and care for children with unfortunate circumstances.

Young couple postpones wedding for 6 years to rescue pets

With their love of animals, Quoc Khanh and Uyen Nhu postponed their wedding to spend money for their pets’ treatment before marrying after 12 years together.

Cat lovers feline fine in Vietnam

As living standards have risen, the Vietnamese have taken to keeping more breeds of cats from overseas, many of which cost a lot and require much care.

Vietnamese couple help German bicyclist in distress

Trung and Nhung, a Vietnamese couple, on the way to travel across Vietnam on Tet holiday, saw a foreigner who was facing troubles because of strong winds in Ninh Thuan.

Cat love of Nguyen Bao Sinh!

In recent years, Mr. Nguyen Bao Sinh opened the cremation, burial, and praying services for dogs and cats.

VietNamNet’s inspiring characters: kindness extends to millions of hearts

On December 19, VietNamNet held the VietNamNet Inspiring Characters 2022 Awards in Hanoi.

Young man builds 600 libraries for children in highlands

Returning from a trip to the highlands, Tu Anh thought a lot about the difficult life of the local children. Wanting to help the children escape poverty, he set the goal of building 1,001 libraries throughout the country.

Police lieutenant dives into the sea, rescues 4 people

Hearing a cry for help from people and realizing that someone was swept away while swimming, Lieutenant Hieu immediately jumped into the sea and saved the lives of four people.

Nonprofit group brings electricity, cinema to children in mountainous areas

Over the last 12 years, Ho Hoang Liem and other members of his team have brought "light" to students in remote and difficult areas.

Mekong Delta man spends 400 taels of gold to provide for hundreds of elderly

Thirteen years ago, a man in Mekong Delta spent 400 taels of gold to build Duc Tho nursing home which has become a home for hundreds of sick or poor elderly people.

Woman who collects scrap iron vows to build hotel for the poor

After adopting a baby girl at the age of 16, Huong decided to give up her personal affairs and become the mother of thousands of orphans. She reserved all of her assets to build a ‘5-star home’ to accommodate unhappy children.

The special class of a 1.1-meter tall teacher

Born without legs, Pham Thi Thu Thuy was left abandoned at HCM City’s Tu Du Hospital but she still loves her mother.

The firefighters who died for others

Four months have elapsed since the day the three firefighters of the Cau Giay District Police in Hanoi sacrificed themselves in service, but their parents, wives and children’s sadness has not subsided.

Young driver offers thousands of free rides for poor patients

Dang Xuan Hieu, 24, has for four years given free trips to thousands of poor patients in Ha Giang Province.

Girl with brittle bone disease opens class for poor students

As she wasn't able to fulfil her dream of becoming a teacher due to congenital vitreous disease, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tam opened a free class for poor students.

Young man cares for homeless animals

Addressing homeless animals as ‘papa’ and using English for commands, Quoc Bao receives a lot of affection from his pets.

Video of injured foreigner helped by 'tattooed man' goes viral

A video featuring a Vietnamese man talking in a friendly manner with a foreign man in a hospital has gone viral.

Facing the World: A journey to bring back smiles to unfortunate children

Katrin has compassion for Vietnamese children with birth defects and the motivation for her to pursue a journey that has brought about life changes for thousands of unfortunate children in Vietnam.