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A woman in HCM City has saved hundreds of dogs and cats from slaughterhouses and given them a new home.

US war veteran lends wholehearted support to Vietnamese dioxin victims

Matthew Keenan, a veteran of the Vietnam War, returns to the central city of Da Nang every year to work as a volunteer at of the Da Nang Association of Agent Orange/Dioxin Victims to accompany, share, and help ease the pain of the past war.

The police lieutenant who has saved 60 dogs from the streets

Traffic police officer Lieutenant Le Hung Duong has had to take on many part-time jobs – to earn extra cash to look after the 60 dogs he has adopted over the past four years.

Vietnamese-French writer gives hope to ethnic minority children

Overcoming the trauma of being sexually abused and having a poor childhood, a Vietnamese-French writer hopes to bring a better future to ethnic minority children in Vietnam.

The scientist-caretakers of aquatic creatures at Nha Trang Oceanography Institute

In addition to research, scientists must keep watch and take care of fish being bred at the Nha Trang Oceanography Institute in Khanh Hoa province.

"Bus Hero" wins hearts of HCMC passengers

Bus driver Le Xuan Huy has become a familiar face for bus travellers in HCMC, for his heroic deeds and acts that bring joy.

Bridge builders bring new life to hundreds of villages

“After the bridges are built, when we return to the localities, we can see different images – the deserted roads in the past are now bustling with much traffic,” said Dinh Thi Nhung, founder and manager of the Tu Tam charity group.

The modest life of a man who has saved people from suicide for 40 years

Nguyen Van Chuc, 65, once lived on a wooden boat. When the boat got seriously damaged, he set up a small house between the old and the new BinhLoi Bridges that helped shield him from the sun and rain.

95-year-old woman donates pagoda to village

A 95-year-old woman in Ha Dong district is donating a pagoda she helped build and has asked monks to take care of the incense in the pagoda.

Living alone in cemetery, woman views the deceased as her ‘parents and children’

Living alone in the largest cemetery in HCM City over the past 40 years, Nghia accepts the deceased as her parents and adopted children, and volunteers to take care of the graves.

Amazing volunteers give their all in pandemic battle

Thousands of people of different generations have volunteered to join the country’s efforts in the fight against COVID-19, and their acts of kindness have contributed to helping many overcome the most difficult times in their lives.

Conservationist leaves his heart in the vast green forests

Born and reared in the deep green forest land of Ninh Binh and having traveled the globe, Nguyen Van Thai has always returned to appreciate, love, defend and safeguard the forests.

Disabled women find meaningful purpose in life

Despite being born with disabilities, Tran Thuy Nga and Sam Thi Giang overcame hardships to give back to the community.

Never too late: Bru ethnic woman starts school at age 66

Well into her sixties, Ho Thi Dan from Krong Klang Town, Dakrong District, central Quang Tri Province, has embarked on a brand new adventure: going to school. 

VietNamNet's Inspiring Characters 2021 honored

Four out of the 14 nominated individuals and organizations receiving the highest numbers of votes were honored by VietNamNet at a ceremony broadcast live at 10am on December 20, 2021.

“Taking part in charity work means that you have to ignore others’ judgmental attitudes”

The President of Kim Oanh Charity Foundation said that when entrepreneurs donate to the poor, they should not worry too much about other people’s negative opinions.

Inspring Characters 2021: Hero who rescued a falling toddler 'awakens' community compassion

Nguyen Ngoc Manh, a truck driver, became known throughout the country after he saved a little girl who fell from a Hanoi apartment complex in February.

Scuba diver spent nearly two decades cleaning up the ocean

Scuba diver Nguyen Van Duc is dedicated to cleaning the ocean and he hopes his work will inspire others to do the same.

'Unsung heroes' help transport mothers, newborn babies back to their hometowns during COVID-19 outbreak

As someone who often takes part in many charitable activities, Nguyen Dinh Ba, chairman of the Vietnam Red Cross Society chapter at Quang Trung College in HCM City, wanted to do something to help others during the fourth COVID-19 wave this summer.

Unemployment not as stressful as workload backlog post-lockdown

The labor market mostly recovered when Covid-19 cooled down and as a result, it has been difficult for many firms to gather employees.