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With many favorable conditions, industrial real estate in Vietnam is having growth potential.

Industrial Zone land rents rise as big companies flock to Vietnam

Industrial real estate has shown positive signs after the country began reopening international air routes. However, higher leasing fees are a concern.

Complicated procedures discourage industrial real estate developers

As of early 2020, Vietnam had 335 industrial zones, of which 260 were operational with an occupancy rate of 75.7 percent.

Real estate market 'gloomy', brokers leaving

Tran Van Tung, a real estate broker, has not closed any sale over the last three months, but still has to pay for travel, phone calls and ads.

Corporations choose Vietnam for investments, land prices increase

A number of investment projects worth billions of dollars have been registered, which shows continued growth of the economy and the industrial real estate sector.

Industrial real estate market hit hard by fourth Covid wave

The latest Covid-19 outbreak, which began in late April, has slowed down the industrial real estate market. There have been only small-scale projects and no large scale one announced.

Multinationals may hesitate to enter Vietnam because of rising land rent

Rising land rent and shortages in industrial zones (IZs) may cause multinationals, which are seeking land near Hanoi and HCMC City, to hesitate to come to Vietnam.

Attracting multi-billion dollars worth of investments to IZs, tycoon earns big money

The real estate firm of Dang Thanh Tam has attracted $1.2 billion worth of investments into its IZs within a short time, projecting a profit increase of 6-7 times in 2021 amid continued foreign capital inflow.

‘Foreign eagles’ and ‘Viet dragons’ do the 'tango dance' together

Vietnam needs to create favorable conditions for ‘Viet dragons’ and ‘foreign eagles’ to join the "tango dance" that brings benefits to both sides, according to VIetnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) chair Vu Tien Loc.

Five trends identified for real estate market in 2021

While 2020 is believed to have changed the real estate industry, trends in the sector this year are forecast to sustain or be aligned with demand in the market.

Industrial real estate is bright spot in 2020 market

The industrial market is the only real estate sector that has enjoyed positive progress in both rental rates and occupancy rates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industrial real estate is bright spot in 2020 market

The industrial market is the only real estate sector that has enjoyed positive progress in both rental rates and occupancy rates during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Times change, Dang family’s businesspeople are thriving

The businesses owned by Dang Thanh Tam and Dang Thi Hoang Phuong have shown signs of strong recovery as a new FDI wave is expected to come, which will strengthen the industrial real estate market.

Complicated administrative procedures hinder development of industrial property in VN

Problems in land access and administrative procedures continue to exist, making it difficult for industrial real estate to develop over the long term, experts say.

Experts concerned as Chinese buy more industrial properties

Experts warned that Chinese investors may flock to Vietnam to buy industrial zones (IZs) through merger and acquisitions (M&As) to prepare to receive an expected wave of foreign direct investment (FDI).

Industrial real estate to be a highlight in Vietnam: Analysts

Industrial real estate is expected to be a highlight in Vietnam, especially after the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement comes into being, analysts have said.

Did billionaire Vuong foresee Vietnam joining Quad Plus?

Covid-19 has forced manufacturers to consider restructuring the value chain, according to Sunny Hoang Hoa from Savills HCM City. Vietnam is expected to benefit from the trend.

Investors pour money into industrial real estate in anticipation of FDI boom

Large corporations from different business fields have begun injecting money into Industrial Zone projects as they can see great opportunities from an expected FDI wave in Vietnam.

Vietnamese investors rush to develop IZs in anticipation of new FDI wave

Hoping that Vietnam will be able to catch the investment flow leaving China, IZ developers have hurried to implement their projects.

American, European investors eye Vietnam’s businesses

Asian investors are the buyers in most M&A and capital contribution deals in Vietnam. However, more and more investors from the US and EU have appeared in recent deals.