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 VietNamNet Bridge - Many parents were extremely surprised when they knew that their obedient children were completely different people on the net.

Banned movie “Chinatown” launched to the Internet

 VietNamNet Bridge - The unfinished version of “Bui Doi Cho Lon” or “Chinatown”, the movie which was banned from screening in Vietnam, quickly spread on the Internet on July 5.

Businessmen’s personal data sold on Internet

 VietNamNet Bridge – The personal information of hundreds of thousands of businesses and businessmen has been offered for sale on Internet for just VND700,000.

Vietnam has highest phishing rate in the world

In the latest survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab, in 2012, 37.3 million Internet users worldwide became victims of phishing. Vietnam is among the countries with the highest number of phishing victims.

58% of Vietnamese use Internet: Nielsen

VietNamNet Bridge – There are up to 58% of Vietnamese using the Internet with an average using duration of 16 hours per week, according to a survey of Nielsen Vietnam on Internet use in four recent weeks.

In economic crisis, businesses change their ad strategies

Readers have got tired of ad pieces on print papers, while TV watchers would switch to other channels when they see ads. With 28 million users, the Internet has become a new potential ad channel.

Da Nang spent $2 million for city-wide WiFi coverage

 VietNamNet Bridge - Nearly 400 WiFi transmitters at a cost of about $2 million will be installed over Da Nang city, to sever up to 10,000 Internet users at the same time.

Mobile network operators find great opportunities in mobile marketing

The increasingly high number of mobile devices in use and the rapid setback of the traditional marketing methods have both paved the way for the development of mobile marketing.

Clip exposing Vietnamese education’s problems stirs up the public

Vietnam does not need a generation of people who have to receive training in everything, but they don’t know what they will do, what they want to obtain and what their purposes are in life.

Venture funds have superfluous capital, but lack projects

Venture funds have still been seeking opportunities to enrich their investment portfolios.

Telecom-TV service providers’ cooperation would be a threat to ADSL service?

The two big Internet service providers -- VNPT and FPT may see their ADSL subscribers quit the networks and use CMC Telecom’s Internet service on cable TV.

Internet’s speed in Vietnam slowing down?

A report of Akamai said the average Internet speed in Vietnam has decreased by 21 percent in comparison with 2011.

Vietnam seeks a special mechanism to assist domestic Internet firms

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) is thinking of a special mechanism which encourage domestic firms develop Internet services such as social networks or search engines.

Internet opens the door for national development

 VietNamNet Bridge – If Vietnam takes full advantage of internet services, the national economy and e-government in the country will develop exponentially in the coming years.

Vietnam: 46% of businesses still don’t know the benefits emails can bring

Ninety percent of businesses have used emails in their daily works to date, 15 years after the day the Internet was available in Vietnam. However, 46 percent of businesses don’t know why they should use emails.

Free apps pick Vietnamese users’ pocket

Under the mask of free services, mobile phone applications have been trying to pick the Vietnamese users’ pocket through different ways that users do not know.


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Internet network for poor rural people

 VietNamNet Bridge – A new public internet system is being set up to serve thousands of people in 12 poor provinces throughout Viet Nam.


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