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iPhone X still selling like hotcakes in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - iPhone sales agents in Vietnam say that after iPhone XS hit the market, the sales of iPhone X increased by 40 percent.

VietNamNet Bridge - iPhone sales agents in Vietnam say that after iPhone XS hit the market, the sales of iPhone X increased by 40 percent.


iPhone products are favored by Vietnamese

iPhone X has had the shortest life among Apple’s mobile device products. It was declared dead just one year after it hit the market. 

Apple’s announcement about the discontinued sales of iPhone X is expected to pave the way for the manufacturer to boost sales of the latest-generation iPhone XS and XR.

“After Apple stated it will discontinue iPhone X this year, the sales of officially distributed products and of products carried across the border gates soared,” Nguyen Huy Tan, a media executive of a retail chain, said on Zing.

The iPhone X inventory level in Vietnam remains high and iPhone Xs of different kinds, from brand new to used products, are still selling well in Vietnam.

Large retail chains quoted the price of VND27 million for 64 GB and VND31.8 million for 256 GB version. 

Nguyen Bich Hanh from FPT Shop, before the launch of iPhone XS, said the sales of all iPhone models dropped sharply, especially iPhone X. 

After retail chains ran the sale promotion program, offering the discount rate of VND3 million for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the demand increased.

However, after retail chains ran the sale promotion program, offering the discount rate of VND3 million for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the demand increased.

“The latest-generation iPhones have high selling prices and genuine products are still not available in Vietnam. Therefore, those who don’t want to wait and have modest budgets will buy iPhone X at reasonable prices,” she explained.

Private shops which distribute the products brought to Vietnam through unofficial channels have also lowered the retail prices of iPhone X. Brand-new products are selling at VND23.7 million for 64 GB and VND26.3 million for 256 GB versions.

Those who have moderate budgets but still want iPhone products can choose refurbished products at prices of VND22 million for 64 GB and VND24 million for 256 GB versions.

Used products are selling at VND19 million and VND21.7 million, respectively, a sharp fall of VND2.5 million compared with two weeks ago.

Some private shops sell locked iPhone XS and XS Max versions, which have been upgraded to become international versions thanks to ICCID code, for VND22.5 million, according to Bizlive.

Quang Trung, representative of a retail shop in Hanoi, said the price of iPhone X would continue to fall once genuine iPhone XS and XS Max are launched by authorized resellers.



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