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The selling price of officially distributed iPhone 11 6GB quoted by authorized resellers is just VND600,000 higher than unofficially distributed products.

iPhone X will no longer be distributed officially in Vietnam

The 2-year old iPhoneX sells well in the used iPhone market, but brand new products will no longer be distributed officially in Vietnam.

iPhone 7 becoming dirt cheap in Vietnam

Previous-generation iPhone models have seen prices dropping dramatically over the last two months. A used iPhone 7 32 GB is selling at VND4.5 million, or approximately $200.

iPhone X still selling like hotcakes in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - iPhone sales agents in Vietnam say that after iPhone XS hit the market, the sales of iPhone X increased by 40 percent.

iPhone X, iPhone 8 prices drop sharply in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - The next-generation iPhones have not yet reached the market, but iPhone X and iPhone 8 have seen prices tumble. Surprisingly, the prices of previous-generation iPhones are on the rise.

iPhone X orders weak globally, but strong in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - iPhone X products are still selling like well in Vietnam, though international media report that poor sales because of its high price, about $1,000.

Vietnamese consumers complain about Apple’s battery replacement policy

iPhone users commenting on internet forums say that Apple is ‘selling batteries at a low price’ instead of correcting the fault of slowing down older iPhones as the battery ages. 

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus phone prices differ among shops

Authorized resellers are selling iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus at quoted prices, while second-class agents are setting lower prices to lure more buyers. The price of products imported through unofficial channels is even lower.

BKAV runs second successful mask test fooling Apple’s Face ID

VietNamNet Bridge - BKAV Corporation has once again proved that Apple’s Face ID technology is not fully safe and should not be used in business transactions.

iPhone X to be available in late November

VietNamNet Bridge - A representative of a mobile phone retail chain in Hanoi said iPhone X with VNA codes reserved for the Vietnamese market will hit the shelves by the end of this month.

iPhone X offered at record-high price of VND70 million

VietNamNet Bridge - iPhone X brought to Vietnam across border gates are being offered at record-high prices.

Iphone X demand will be substantial, but not exceptional: survey

 Days before Apple Inc’s much-awaited iPhone X opens for preorders, a survey by brokerage Bernstein showed that demand for the device will be substantial, but not exceptional, 

What do Vietnamese think about Galaxy Note 8?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese who have experienced Galaxy Note 8 highly appreciate the model, saying it is worth the money.

iPhone 8 is available, but Vietnamese rush to buy iPhone 7

VietNamNet Bridge - Uninterested in iPhone 8 and hesitant about the high price, many Vietnamese are choosing to buy the iPhone 7.