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Vietnam is the world's eighth most valuable market for global franchise expansion, according to the International Franchise Association.


World fast-food revenues slow in Vietnam, struggling to lure local consumers

The downward trend in the growth rate of the leading fast-food chain stemmed from market changes, consumer’s mindset as well as the emergence of alternative segments.


Fast food in fight to win over locals

Foreign fast food companies are lagging behind their own expansion plans in Vietnam due to the fierce competition with major rivals in the same segment and local competitors.

KFC, Lotteria battle for market share at street corners, supermarkets, malls

KFC, Lotteria and McDonald’s are the three biggest players in the fast food market.

Thai tycoon struggles with American fast-food giant

With 600 franchise shops in Vietnam, CP remains an unsuccessful fast-food brand in Vietnam.

Fast food chains incurring losses

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign fast food chains have been in Vietnam for more than 10 years and have annual revenue of trillions of dong. But many of them continuously take losses.

Fast food chains see increasing losses

Many fast food chains, from fried chicken to pizza, have been incurring losses.

Franchise market still promises great opportunities

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign brands have been flocking to Vietnam, creating a “franchise wave” in which more Vietnamese are taking part. 

Sausage market still hot

VietNamNet Bridge - The prediction about the saturation of the sausage market two years ago was a false alarm as the industry has had stable annual growth rate of 15-20 percent. 

The restaurant industry booms, but risks are high

Many more restaurants and food courts have opened recently in Vietnam but poor preparations and lack of professionalism has led to a number of closures. 

Street-food market: great potential, slow business

VietNamNet Bridge - An unprofessional way of doing business and bad management skills have led to problems for street food chains after short periods of operation.

Traditional pho shops crowded, modern pho chains deserted

VietNamNet Bridge - Modern style, good services, active marketing and heavy investment are not determining the success of pho (noodles served with beef/chicken) chains in Hanoi.

Restaurant chains: fine line between winning and losing

A report from CBRE Vietnam real estate service provider, a shows that the number of restaurants in HCMC increased sharply in 2016 and will continue a rapid upward trend in 2017. 

Incurring big losses, fast food giants open fewer shops

VietNamNet Bridge - The heyday of fast food chains seems to be over in Vietnam. The number of fast food shops has been decreasing in an era when people are trying to ‘live slowly’.

Vietnamese franchise market in early stage of development

VietNamNet Bridge - Most of the brands to be franchised in Vietnam in the coming years will be in food, education and healthcare, analysts say.

Fast food market sees slower growth

VietNamNet Bridge - The fast food chains that arrived early in Vietnam have seen growth slow, while the chains which came later seem to have fewer opportunities. The heyday of the fast food sector is over.

Fast food chains’ development has slowed down

VietNamNet Bridge - The closure of many fast food shops in recent days has raised a question if the Vietnamese fast food market has become saturated and no longer attractive.

Vietnamese investors remain indifferent to Big C deal

VietNamNet Bridge - At least five foreign investors have announced they will vie to acquire Big C Vietnam but Vietnamese investors remain indifferent to the deal.

Burger King still faces problems despite backing by tycoon

VietNamNet Bridge - Burger King, a famous fast-food brand, has experienced tough days in the Vietnam market.

BKV shuts down Burger King in HCMC, conquers Hanoi market: investor

VietNamNet Bridge - BKV, the franchisee which brought Burger King to Vietnam, said it has shut down its third restaurant in HCM City and plans to march towards the north.