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Vietnamese interested in metaverse and fintech

According to a recent report by Meta and Bain & Company, Vietnam is among the top 3 countries besides Indonesia and the Philippines to adopt new technologies such as fintech and metaverse.

Metaverse could generate $9-17 billion per year in Vietnam by 2035

A recent analysis performed by Deloitte estimated that the potential 2035 economic impact of the metaverse in Vietnam is $9-17 billion per year.

Vietnam has opportunity to lead Asia in metaverse

The technology of the virtual universe (metaverse) is changing the definition of the game industry, and in Asia, Vietnam has many conditions to become the leader in this field.

Can the Vietnamese metaverse classroom compete with Facebook and Google?

With beautiful graphics, colors and materials, Vietnam’s Elite Meta is dreaming of competing equally with giants Facebook and Google.

Metaverse Village set up, connecting startups in virtual reality

Metaverse Village made its debut and a symposium on Metaverse was held in the central city of Da Nang on June 15 within the framework of TECHFEST Vietnam 2022.

Vietnamese investor joins Metaverse, invests in Korean unicorn

VNG says that it has invested in the Korean unicorn startup Haegin, officially "jumping" into the Metaverse market and promoting its "going global" strategy.

Hoi An City uses Metaverse platform for tourism promotion

Quang Nam authorities have announced the cooperation with Bizverse on promoting tourism on Metaverse platform, a network of 3D virtual worlds that taps technologies such as VR and AR to build a social connection.

Local start-up launches Blockchain Meta Universe ecosystem

A group of products including an e-wallet, a launchpad and game projects is about to be launched by a Vietnamese startup.

Vietnamese can create Metaverse virtual universes

It is a fact that many Vietnamese are also pursuing the dream of the Metaverse. However, these are only very primitive worlds because Metaverse is not simply about owning a game character and entering the virtual world.


Metaverse: the race to enter the virtual universe

Metaverse is very close to human life. Right now, government agencies, businesses and citizens need a way to be ready to adapt to a future world.



Vietnam’s Metaverse startup receives US$1 million

Vietnam’s startup projects following the Metaverse trend have introduced and attracted capital from the international investors.

Vietnam’s virtual space project receives international funds

Meta Spatial is a startup with the ambition to create metaverse virtual universes to bring real people into a virtual world that exists parallel to the real world.