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Vietnam does not have “golden woods and silver sea”: scientists

VietNamNet Bridge – Scientists say that Vietnam is not as rich in natural resources and minerals as people assume, and that the country must avoid squandering its available resources. .

The “gamble” of the miners in Ha Giang

A lot of big investors rushed to Ha Giang province to exploit minerals. Many of them have become moneyless as they injected money in empty holes under the earth, while the local land has become deserted.


 Manufacturing sector moves closer to stabilization: HSBC; Export tax on coal drops to 10%; Export tax on coal drops to 10%; More state-owned enterprises find salary payment violations

VN may lose millions of USD owing to illegal export of ore

 VietNamNet Bridge - The authorities have admitted that they do not have accurate data on the volume of illegally-exported ore via the border.

Vietnam warned about Dutch disease, urged to stop raw minerals

VietNamNet Bridge – The government of Vietnam has been prohibiting exporting raw natural minerals over the last few years. However, the ban has not had high enforcement.

11 mineral mining projects undertaken in a commune

Eleven projects on exploiting minerals have been licensed in Hung Thinh, a small poor commune in Tran Yen of the northern province of Yen Bai, which threatens the living environment of local people.

More cancer cases reported, people pay penalty for daily food

Industrial factories, workshops have been located in rural areas, bringing money and helping improve the living standards of local residents. However, they have to pay penalty for the money they receive today: more and more people die of cancer.