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Ministry threatens to punish telcos for junk-simcards

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) is intending to mete out punishment with a heavy hand to telecom carriers that do not stop junk sim-cards in the market.

4 million mobile subscribers must standardize personal information: MIC

The Authority of Telecommunications (AOT) has estimated that 4 million mobile subscribers will have to have their personal information standardized, and if not, their operations will be stopped from March 31.

Vietnam has nearly 93 million smartphone subscribers

According to data from the Ministry of Information and Communications, the number of mobile subscribers in 2021 is estimated at 123.76 million, including 92.88 million smartphone subscribers, accounting for about 75%.

Over 89,600 mobile subscribers spreading spam calls blocked in six months

Five major mobile service providers - Viettel, VinaPhone, MobiFone, Vietnamobile, and the virtual network I-Telecom blocked more than 89,600 mobile subscribers spreading spam calls in the six last months of 2020.

Nearly 2 million mobile subscribers successfully switch between carriers

Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (under the Ministry of Information and Communications) and domestic telecoms businesses have just held a summary meeting for the scheme ‘Mobile Number Portability – MNP’.

Vietnam leads Tutela’s mobile network performance ranking

Vietnamese mobile subscribers have a better experience in network quality and speed than users in many Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, according to a report by Tutela.

No photo, no phone: Customers may lose service

 VietNamNet Bridge – Mobile subscribers may have their SIM cards deactivated if they fail to submit profile photos following a new regulation.

Subscribers’ vexation

Angry voices are heard in local media these days, when the Ministry of Information and Communications orders mobile carriers to send digitalized data of subscribers, including their portraits, to the ministry within one year. 

Time to act

 VietNamNet Bridge – Millions of mobile subscribers have turned mad about spam. They may receive a dozen unwanted text messages and phone calls a day on average. This is frustrating indeed.

Mobile subscribers annoyed by networks’ do-nothing attitude about spam

Mobile subscribers complain that telecommunication services have become unbearably inconvenient: they are bothered every day with spam messages, are being swindled out of money, and are increasingly annoyed with mobile network operators’ attitudes.

Legal proceedings started for mobile spying case

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Hanoi police on June 28 started legal proceedings against Viet Hong Company for selling spy software, affecting more than 14,000 mobile subscribers.

One-third of VNPT mobile subscribers inactive

 VietNamNet Bridge – According to data released by the State Audit Agency, only 49.5 million in the total of over 75.5 million subscribers of Vinaphone and Mobifone were active within 30 days from the time of calculation.

Mobile services providers attempt to keep customers

 VietNamNet Bridge – Mobile services providers are using various methods to retain their regular customers, as the local market is reaching a saturation point with 140 million mobile subscribers.

Growth in mobile subscriber number stagnant

VietNamNet Bridge – There had been 143 million mobile subscribers in Vietnam as of end-May, 1.5 times higher than the country’s population, but the growth in the number of subscribers has markedly slowed down,

State help needed to access digital content market

 VietNamNet Bridge – The domestic digital content market, estimated to be worth billions of dollars, may be out of reach of domestic enterprises if they don't receive State support.

VNPT, Viettel illegally increase data transmission rates

VietNamNet Bridge – The two largest mobile service providers, VNPT and Viettel, illegally increased fees for data transmission by 45% -46%, one agency reported.