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VietNamNet Bridge - In Vietnam, most students under 12 use social media. However, they are not well prepared to face risks, a report from Vietnet-ICT, an NGO, has found.

Schools that lack teachers not allowed to expand staff

VietNamNet Bridge - Schools have repeatedly complained to the Ministry of Education and Training about the lack of teachers, but the Ministry does not have the right to recruit teachers.

Education Ministry mulls solutions to reduce spending on textbooks

The Ministry of Education and Training has released an instruction asking teachers and managerial officers not to allow students write in textbooks so the books can be used again.

Textbook market: monopoly is behind all the problems

The Ministry of Education and Training takes on all the work, including compiling, verifying, approving, and printing and distributing textbooks. In other words, it holds a monopoly.

Gender stereotypes in textbooks influence career opportunities: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Gender stereotypes in textbooks lead to many consequences, from school bullying to the loss of career opportunities, experts say.

Education Publishing House: is it making a profit or taking a loss? The controversy continues.

VietNamNet Bridge - The Education Publishing House (EPH) reported that it incurs a loss of VND40 billion each year in printing and distributing textbooks.

Education Ministry says general school teachers must have foreign language, IT skills

VietNamNet Bridge - The requirement set by the Ministry of Education and Training that general school teachers must have good foreign language and IT skills is too difficult, teachers say.

Multi-disciplinary universities to become ‘iron fist’ of tertiary education

While state-owned general corporations are considered the ‘iron fist’, or the major motive force in Vietnam’s economy, multi-disciplinary universities should take over that role in Vietnam’s tertiary education.

Many education reform projects fail, so who is to blame?

The first textbook replacement campaign in 1981-1992 finished just before the Ministry of Education and Training began implementing a project on compiling new textbooks for the second time in October 1993, using ODA capital.

Vietnam considers merging or dissolving universities

Vietnam once gave investors the green light to set up a series of universities in an effort to increase the number of students. But now it has to dissolve many of the schools to ensure training quality.

Accreditation shows problems about tertiary education quality

VietNamNet Bridge - Only one university education establishment has been found meeting 56 out of 61 criteria in the accreditation campaign carried out by four authorized accreditation centers.

University education costs in VN more expensive

VietNamNet Bridge - State-owned universities with financial autonomy have announced an increase in tuition of 10-30 percent. However, they say the new tuition is still not enough to cover training costs.

Textbook publishing house reap big profits each school year

Hundreds of million textbook copies are printed every year, and most of them are thrown away or sold to scrap collectors just after one year of use.

Vietnamese waste $45,000 a year on textbooks used for only one year

VietNamNet Bridge - Hundreds of million of textbook copies, worth a total of VND1 trillion, are thrown away each year.

Vietnam lacks 76,000 teachers for new academic year

In 43 surveyed cities and provinces, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has found that 76,000 teachers are still needed.

Schools lack teachers as enrollments swell

Schools in HCMC have complained they cannot find enough teachers for the new academic year. The same situation exists in Da Nang, Quang Ngai and other cities and provinces.

68% of Vietnamese children have experienced parental physical abuse

Physical abuse brings serious consequences, affecting children’s psychological well-being and character, experts say.

More bachelor’s degree graduates go to vocational school

Vocational schools all have reported an increasing number of enrollees in recent years. Unemployed university graduates are also going to vocational school.

Education Ministry’s plan to terminate textbook compilation monopoly raises doubts

Experts do not believe that the monopoly in textbook compilation will end, though the Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha vowed to terminate the monopoly by holding auctions to find compilers.

Teacher shortage clouds school year

 VietNamNet Bridge – With the new school year approaching, 43 cities and provinces across the country are facing a shortage of teachers.