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VietNamNet Bridge - Investments in tertiary education have become popular, creating an “education, or university, bubble”, according to Nguyen Quoc Toan from Ernst & Young Vietnam.

90 percent of university students take extra English classes

Eleven percent of university students say they study English only at school, while nearly 90 percent of students take extra English lessons at foreign language centers or via the internet, because lessons at school are not sufficient to pass exams.

Despite strict procedures, quality of doctoral graduates remains low

VietNamNet Bridge - The doctoral dissertation defending process in Vietnam is strict but the quality of its graduates remains low. 

Large education groups taking shape in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Some education groups own two universities and four to five schools in total. Other groups are seeking to buy more schools.

Education Ministry vows to upgrade primary school teachers’ qualifications

The Ministry of Education and Training will instruct local education departments to build roadmaps and plans to re-train primary school teachers to upgrade their qualifications within five years. 

When university education is described as ‘second-rate goods’

VietNamNet Bridge - The number of universities in Vietnam has increased rapidly, but the training quality has not, experts say.

Overloaded classrooms burden educators

VietNamNet Bridge - HCMC has 67,000 more students this year compared with the 2017-2018 academic year, while the number of classrooms has increased insignificantly.

Language disorders: product of modern society?

General Secretary of the Vietnam Linguistics Association Pham Van Tinh says language disorders are a product of modern society. Children may suffer if they are forced to learn foreign languages too early and follow the wrong methods.

High school students punished for speaking ill of teachers

The Nguyen Trai High School Board of Management decided to expel seven students from the school for speaking ill of teachers. 

Many universities change hands in M&A wave

VietNamNet Bridge - With more and more M&A deals made recently, the education sector continues to be a field worth investing in.

University in HCM City creates a stir with new rules on student clothing

A debate has begun among educators and students about the clothing students should wear, following the posting of a picture on the internet of a student showing a lot of cleavage. 

Pedagogical schools struggle to enroll students

VietNamNet Bridge - Despite application of new policies, pedagogical schools still cannot find enough students. Some lecturers are idle as they have no students to teach.

How high is the salary expected by university lecturers?

VietNamNet Bridge - Salaries for lecturers of state-owned universities are based on their service length and contributions in accordance with the wage scale. 

Teacher shortages and surpluses: who is to blame?

The Ministry of Education and Training has reported a shortage of 76,000 teachers nationwide. Primary schools in HCMC complain they are overloaded. And at many secondary schools, teachers sit idle.

Lacking teachers, students cannot study English

VietNamNet Bridge - Students at 11 primary schools in Nong Cong district in Thanh Hoa province have not had English lessons for many years because of the lack of teachers.

General schools in Vietnam try STEM curricula

VietNamNet Bridge - Many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education centers have been established in Vietnam to satisfy high demand. However, more efforts will be needed to organize STEM education in general schools.

Local authorities complain about teacher shortage

VietNamNet Bridge - Twenty-seven cities/provinces have reported they lack teachers for the 2018-2019 academic year and want to employ new teachers. 

Vietnam’s education sector a gold mine for investors

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese spend $4 billion every year on overseas study, while 450 foreign language centers exist in Hanoi and HCMC. 

Vietnam targets 30 percent of students enrolling at vocational schools

VietNamNet Bridge - Only 10 percent of secondary school graduates go to vocational intermediate schools (2-year training), far below the 30 percent target.

Only 10 percent of top university graduates work for state agencies in Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge - Of 1,705 top university graduates honored by Hanoi authorities in the last 16 years, 156 are working as civil servants for state agencies.