Update news MOET

VietNamNet Bridge - The students who got the highest scores at the national high-school finals have successfully enrolled in the universities of their choice.

Is publishing monopoly is to blame for shortage of textbooks?

VietNamNet Bridge - The new academic year has begun, but some parents and students have been on tenterhooks as they still cannot buy textbooks.

Pedagogical schools say they cannot find enough students

Many pedagogical schools complain that the numbers of students applying for admission was too modest after the first enrollment campaign.

Hanoi still lacks classrooms after spending US$320 million

VietNamNet Bridge - More than 22,000 new classrooms have been built in the last year, but Hanoi still lacks classrooms. Classes with 70 students still exist.

Universities want autonomy but still need the state’s money

VietNamNet Bridge - The National Assembly’s Committee for Culture, Education, the Youth and Children has completed a program on supervising the implementation of the University Education Law at 16 universities in seven cities and provinces.

New regulation adjusts limit on foreign investment in education

VietNamNet Bridge - Some limitations on foreign investment in education have been removed with the release of a new decree.

Education Ministry still searching for the best questions for 2-in-1 exam

After the exam cheating scams in four provinces were discovered, MOET’s leaders admitted that the questions on the high school final exam were difficult for students.

Universities now provide on-demand training

A policy for ordering training and scientific research for autonomous universities, plus a government decree on university autonomy, is expected to help promote training quality.

New decree paves way for boom of international schools in Vietnam

The number of Vietnamese students going to international schools in Vietnam is expected to increase rapidly in the near future following a new regulation which allows international schools to receive more Vietnamese students.

Da Nang warned of ‘battle for talent’

Opening the door and allowing talented individuals to move from state agencies to the private sector will lead to a ‘brain drain’ and trigger a ‘battle for talent’, experts have warned.

Universities reluctant to make enrollment decisions on their own

VietNamNet Bridge - Most universities have rejected autonomy in enrollment decisions, saying it is too costly to organize entrance exams to select the best students. 

Vocational schools look forward to getting every student

While training divisions at universities are busy these days dealing with the high numbers of applications, enrollment officers at vocational schools are idle because of the lack of students. 

Da Nang needs policy to attract, not train, talent

VietNamNet Bridge - Da Nang is reconsidering its decision to continue a program on training talent for the city’s agencies.

Student with highest score at IBO fascinated with nature, biology

Gaining the highest score at the 2018 International Biology Olympiad (IBO) where there were 261 participants, Nguyen Phuong Thao has become the first Vietnamese female student to receive the world’s highest score at an Olympiad.

Exam cheating scandal shows dark side of Vietnam’s education

Commenting about the exam cheating scandal in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang, education experts say it reflects the problems of an educational system which attaches too much attention to exam scores and degrees.

Education Ministry removes floor mark scheme, but vows to ensure student quality

As anticipated, soon after the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) removed the floor mark scheme, some universities decided to admit students who got only an 11 score on three exam subjects.

Foreign language centers lack qualified teachers

VietNamNet Bridge - Many foreign teachers at foreign language centers do not have teaching certificates.

STEM training booms but not in schools

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education was introduced for the first time in Vietnam six years ago, targeting the high-end markets in large cities and focused on robotics and coding.

National high-school finals too costly: are they necessary?

VietNamNet Bridge - Nearly VND1 trillion is spent to organize national high-school final exams every year, a relatively high amount of money for Vietnam. 

Floor mark scheme for university no longer valid, student quality questioned

VietNamNet Bridge - Education experts have warned that university enrollment will be ‘in tumult’ this year as the floor mark scheme has been removed.