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In early November, the Kon Tum provincial police discovered a large amount of wildlife carried on a bus that went through the province. The wildlife seized included crocodiles and turtles of different species. 

Vietnam plastic waste problem: one of the worst in the world

VietNamNet Bridge - Some years ago, international scientists found that Vietnam ranked high among countries that emit large amounts of plastic waste into the oceans. 

New treatment process turns waste into organic fertilizer

VietNamNet Bridge - While people consider domestic waste as toxic substances that must be eliminated, Prof. Dr. Tran Kim Qui considers it a valuable material to produce high quality organic fertilizer.

The battle against poaching continues without much success

VietNamNet Bridge - To obtain wild animals to sell to restaurants, poachers venture into forests and natural reserves, willing to fire on forest rangers.

Environmentalists urge sanctions on wildlife poachers, traffickers

VietNamNet Bridge - Environmental protection organizations have suggested that local authorities be responsible for controlling and stopping wildlife consumption in their localities. 

How to deal with scrap paper?

One ton of scrap paper can save 17 mature trees, 4,000kwh of electricity, 270 liters of oil, 26,000 liters of water and 3.5 cubic meters of land used for burial of waste. 

Wildlife in danger as demand from restaurants rises

Encouraged by profits, restaurant owners are hunting for precious wildlife and serving dishes made from animals listed in the Red Book.

Vietnam wavers between allowing and prohibiting scrap paper imports

It is highly possible that Vietnam will fail to implement the plan on exporting $1 billion worth of paper in 2018. 

How should Vietnam deal with sludge?

VietNamNet Bridge - As Vietnam intends to develop a seaborne economy, it must think of solutions to treat sludge, as the volume will be increasing in the future, scientists say.

Hanoi vows to cut number of private vehicles to ease pollution

VietNamNet Bridge - Environmental experts say 70 percent of the volume of exhaust gas emitted into the environment comes from transport vehicles. 

Sorting waste at household level is key to waste treatment in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - As a country with a high waste disposal rate, Vietnam is facing environmental dangers due to lack of professional waste treatment.

Goldman Prize winner promotes progressive environmental policies

VietNamNet Bridge - The 2018 Goldman Prize for the first time has honored a woman from Vietnam.

Vietnam vows to prevent waste imports, salvage domestic scrap sources

VietNamNet Bridge - The government is controlling illegal waste imports with a heavy hand, forcing the re-export of substandard scrap imports.

Laos’ hydropower policy puts Vietnam in a dilemma

VietNamNet Bridge - The proposal to buy electricity from Lao hydropower plants has been facing opposition from many researchers, who say that benefits are small compared with the costs.

Hanoi tries to recycle construction waste

It is estimated that about 2,000 tons of solid construction waste are discharged each day, not including waste from transport projects and household construction works.

Vietnam's coastal areas in danger of serious pollution

Scientists attending a workshop on the management of marine environmental resources held several days ago warned that coastal areas are becoming more polluted because of poor control over waste sources from the mainland.

Registration agency to lift vehicle emission standards

VietNamNet Bridge - Higher standards on vehicle emissions will have an impact on the automobile market, especially used cars. However, lifting the standards is a must to control pollution.

VN Steel Association insists on importing scrap steel, raising concerns about environment risks

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts have warned about scrap imports heading for Vietnam as China has stopped importing some types of scrap. 

Slight sanctions encourage businesses to import prohibited scrap

Some enterprises had several repeated offences in importing prohibited scrap, but they only had to pay a fine of between tens and hundreds of million of dong. 

Waste: key raw material for recycling industry

VietNamNet Bridge - The demand for waste as the input material for the recycling industry in Vietnam has increased by 10-20 percent per annum.