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Cover of Sài Gòn - Gìn Vàng Giữ Ngọc Sài Gòn (Sài Gòn - Preserving Culture and Heritage), features Sai Gon and its history and its developments in different periods. — Photo courtesy of the publisher


The book, Sài Gòn - Gìn Vàng Giữ Ngọc (Sài Gòn - Preserving Culture and Heritage), features Sài Gòn and its history and its developments in different periods.

The authors include famous cultural researchers, authors and artists, including Dr. Nguyen Duc Loc, the book’s editor Nguyen Thi Hau and author Pham Cong Luan.

The work focuses on traditional culture, festivals, architecture and old buildings.

Cai luong, a genre of southern traditional theatre, and its 100 years of history are also highlighted.

The book includes information about theatre troupes and performers of vong co (nostalgia tunes) and cai luong, both of which are popular art forms among farming households in the Cuu Long (Mekong) River Delta region.

One of the book’s featured writers is female archaeologist Hau, the deputy general secretary of the Viet Nam History Association.

Hau has completed many surveys about southern urban areas, particularly Sai Gon, and has travelled to many places in the country and abroad to talk about her views and surveys.

Her latest book about Sai Gon, Đô Thị Sài Gòn - TP HCM City Khảo Cổ Học và Bảo Tồn Di Sản (Sài Gòn Urban - HCM City Archaeology and Heritage Preservation), was released in 2017.

In the book Sài Gòn- Gìn Vàng Giữ Ngọc, Hau writes about buildings built 100 or more years ago, including Binh Dong Wharf and Ba Son Shipyard, and invaluable heritage sites that can never be rebuilt.

“Our book is a special gift for locals and visitors who love and want to discover HCM City,” said Dinh Thi Phuong Thao, director of the Culture & Arts Publishing House.

Thao’s publisher worked with its partners, Social Life Institute and Green Horizon, on printing.

The book, published in Vietnamese and English, is available at bookstores and online shopping websites.