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North America and Europe account for most of the sales of organic products, with a 90% market share. However, most of the growth has been from other regions, particularly Asia.

HCM City tightens management of food labelled 'organic'

Many families choose organic food though recently several supermarkets and e-commerce platforms had to apologise to consumers after non-organic food was labelled and sold as organic.

Organic agriculture treads thorny path

Vo Tong Xuan, rector of the Nam Can Tho University, a respected agriculture expert, says that many Vietnamese hesitate to buy organic farm produce because of high prices.

Demand for 'safe' food is high, but it’s not easy to sell

A loudspeaker and audio device shop has arisen on Luong Dinh Cua intersection, taking the place of a food shop which shut down just several months after opening.

Organic food becomes scarce amid huge demand

Organic food consumption is a growing trend in Vietnam. The more people fear “dirty food”, the more they aware of using clean food.

Vietnam’s organic farm produce recognized by German organization

Lam San is the first cooperative in Vietnam which has had its organic products recognized by the German international organization CERES-Cert.

Organic food market faces shortage of customers

The organic food market is believed to have great potential, but companies are finding it difficult to lure more customers.

Investors show increasing interest in organic agriculture as demand rises

Though some startups in organic agriculture have successfully called for capital, it is still difficult for many of them to seek funding. 

Organic food market struggles for market share

With increasingly high demand, experts some years ago predicted that the organic food market would see a boom, but farmers have been reluctant to shift from traditional to organic production. 

Urban consumers willing to pay more for safe food

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese consumers are getting choosier and are now willing to pay more for safe food.

Vietnam’s organic food market getting more vibrant

 VietNamNet Bridge – Along with the growing demand for organic food of Vietnamese people, the market for organic food has become a new land for businesses to embrace, with the presence of big, reputable foreign brands.

Big investors pour money into agriculture, organic food

VietNamNet Bridge - The repeated alarms about unsafe food has brought great opportunity to several big investors, who have been pouring money into organic food projects. 

Big investors eyeing organic food market

The area for organic farming makes up only 0.2 percent of total agricultural production, but the figure is expected to increase rapidly as more investors are considering developing organic farming projects.

Foreign brands control domestic natural foods market

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam, an agricultural country which has great advantages to produce natural foods, still has to import products of this kind for domestic consumption.

HCM City starts five-year plan on organic food

 The People's Committee of HCM City has approved a five-year plan to promote cultivation of organic and safe vegetables.