Update news piracy

Digital transformation makes copyright breach handling more challenging

It is not at all difficult in Vietnam to go online and watch pirated films of all genres from video piracy sites even though competent authorities have tried to pinpoint and eliminate them.

VN publishing industry suffering losses because of pirated ebooks

Pirated ebooks are causing the publishing industry in Vietnam to "live in fear".

Tighter rules sought on e-commerce trade piracy

Lack of regulations on requiring goods invoices is causing the likes of Facebook and Shopee to become indirect culprits of suffusion of goods with unidentified origin, raising concerns on the piracy of genuine products.

Copyright infringement no longer "internal affair"

 VietNamNet Bridge – The problem of copyright infringement has been raised again in Vietnam as the producer of Superman X, a Vietnamese movie, asked authorities to identify the person who released the film on the Internet.

In a land where piracy rules, honest merchants struggle for survival

Whether it’s for movies, books, music, art or software, intellectual property is seldom treated seriously in Vietnam. And in a market where copyright infringement has become popular, content providers have a hard time scratching out an existence.

Vietnam learns to settle disputes through lawsuits

 VietNamNet Bridge – Instead of closing eyes to the intellectual property (IP) infringement or trying to settle disputes through conciliation, Vietnamese nowadays tend to bring the cases to court.