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Minimum wage increase decision makes businesses dumbstruck

 VietNamNet Bridge – The National Wage Council has agreed to the plan on raising the regional minimum wage from 2014 by VND250,000-400,000, or 15-17 percent. This has caused a big headache to both businesses and workers.


 First realty project benefits from VND30-trillion loan scheme; Hitachi, HCMC strike US$370 million metro equipment deal; Housing market may revive; Standard Chartered has new office in HCM City

Qualifications of officials to be measured by PCI

The complicated administrative procedures, the harassments by the local officials to businesses’ operation and the under-the-table fees have been cited as the biggest barriers leading to the grade falls in the provincial competitiveness index (PCI).

Universities run like hares to compile textbooks by 2015

Schools have been told to compile documents and have enough textbooks for teaching and learning by 2015. However, a lot of schools complain that the task is beyond their means.

The schools for the rich and the schools for the poor

Since state owned schools provide different education quality, parents have to spend big money in “under-the-table fees” to obtain the seats at prestigious schools for their children.

Primary schools get overloaded because of “golden pigs”

Parents have been warned that it would be very difficult to enroll in primary schools this year because of the sharp increase in the number of students to begin going to school.


 HCM City to reclaim coastal land; Governor meets Danang entrepreneurs; Mekong Capital sells stake in phone distributor; Investors’ role should be enhanced in land withdrawal

Which schools are ideal for children?

International schools could be the ideal places for children to learn English, but they make light of science subjects. State schools can provide good learning environment, but the curricula are too academic.

MOET determined to stop “university bubble”

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has stated that it would restructure the training establishment network and stop the “university bubble.”

The blameworthy education incidents in 2012

2012 was an unlucky year of the Vietnamese education, when a lot of incidents occurred.

Universities told to consult with businesses to design training curricula

A paradox has been existing in the labor market: a lot of university graduates cannot find jobs, while businesses still lack workers because the candidates cannot meet their requirements.

Should schools prohibit students to have caressing manners in classes?

General schools have complained that their students freely have caressing manners right in the classrooms. Meanwhile, Vietnamese students nowadays believe that this is the right way of showing feelings in the modern times.