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When should sex education be offered to Vietnamese children?

VietNamNet Bridge - Psychologists say puberty is occurring at an earlier period due to adequate nutritional conditions and environmental effects, and, as a result, sex education lessons at school are necessary.

Ministry reforms school entry rules

This year, the Ministry of Education and Training will decide minimum entrance score for only teacher training institutions while minimum entrance scores for other universities, colleges and vocational schools will be scrapped.

Businesses want to remain small

VietNamNet Bridge - Complicated administrative procedures and weak financial and management capability are why business households do not want to become enterprises.

Statements about education that stirred debate in 2017

VietNamNet Bridge - Statements by people who have influence in society stirred public debate in 2017.

Is there a third investment wave in Vietnam banks?

While some analysts note that a number of foreign banks have withdrawn capital from Vietnam banks, others see signs of a third investment wave from foreign investors.

Daring proposals for education reform in 2017

Some of the proposals on Education n reform include: raising salaries for teachers, changing the Vietnamese script, removing district education sub-departments, and removing ‘Chi Pheo’ from textbooks.

Vocational schools need reform

Experts at a forum held on Tuesday in HCM City urged the adoption of a more effective vocational education model that will deliver advanced job skills and be responsive to the needs of the labour market.

Costly education project debacle causes loss in public confidence

VietNamNet Bridge - Many educational projects capitalized at trillions of dong have failed, but negative consequences have affected generations of students.

Under-the-table fees block Vietnam enterprises’ way

If embezzlement continues, breakthrough reforms initiated by local authorities will not bring the desired effects, Dang Dinh Dao from the Institute for Economics & Development Studies has said.

EU ministers 'bracing for battle' on carbon market reform

EU environment ministers are bracing for a tough debate to find a compromise on reforms to the carbon market, EU sources said, with nations split over how to balance climate ambitions with protection for energy-intensive industry.

Reform, int’l integration agenda to be assured at WEF

 PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc is making the first trip to Switzerland for the annual meeting of the Word Economic Forum as the Government chief to assure Viet Nam’s commitment to comprehensive reform and international integration agenda.

NA wants to reform use of public assets

 VietNamNet Bridge – National Assembly deputies stressed the need to clarify responsibilities in the management of public assets when discussing the revised draft law on managing and using State assets on Monday.

Laws must be unified: experts

Vietnam should change regulations in the Investment Law and Business Law as soon as possible to remove barriers in trading and investments, heard attendants at a conference held in Hanoi August 11.

State-owned conglomerate directors receive huge salaries

VietNamNet Bridge - High-ranking executive officers of state-owned conglomerates are believed to receive high wages even though the enterprises operate ineffectively.

Outdated textbooks lack latest knowledge about technology

VietNamNet Bridge - The unreasonable curriculum and outdated textbooks have left students unknowledgeable about technology. 

Shareholders’ meeting season starts, businesses pocket big money

VietNamNet Bridge - Managers of large conglomerates are believed to pocket hundreds of billions of dong worth of dividends this year. Many of them have been leading simple lives and doing big business.

‘Soft infrastructure’ creates momentum for new economic development

The significant improvement in Vietnam’s business environment is expected to be the major reason which helps Vietnam obtain high economic growth rate in difficulties, and helps ‘the fish swim against the current’ as economists commented.

Concerns about lagging behind other countries exists despite 5-year restructuring

Despite the sharp fall in crude oil prices in the world market, Vietnam still has achieved the highest GDP growth rate this year in the last five years. 

MOET’s new high school exam plan not acclaimed

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has once again tried to reform the high school examination and has, once again, met with dissatisfaction from students and teachers.

NA opposes debt breaks for SOEs

The Ministry of Finance's proposal that State-owned enterprises (SOEs), which were under restructuring progress be forgiven tax arrears, did not receive consensus from the National Assembly (NA) Deputies.