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Vietnam, with its young demographic, growing incomes and large population, is considered a hugely promising market for retailers.

Vietnam retailers striving to mitigate COVID-19 implications

Feeling the bite of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many businesses in retail and services are coming up with measures to soften the blow.

Tiki and Sendo in merger talks?

Tiki and Sendo may be in talks over a potential merger to break the dominance of Shopee and Lazada and their foreign backers.

Securities company lists 9 industries that will be affected by epidemic

Nine industries could be negatively affected in the short term by the fallout of the coronavirus epidemic, according to SSI Securities Corp.

VinMart closes numerous stores to reach break even point sooner

The profit margin of VinMart+ has been improving over the last three years, and despite current losses, the retailer expects to turn a profit next year.

Vietnam invests over 500 million USD abroad in 2019

Vietnam’s total investment abroad was estimated at 508.14 million USD in 2019, according to the Foreign Investment Agency under the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Merger may bring retail renaissance

Vietnam’s largest conglomerate Vingroup has announced the sale of its retail and agricultural arms to Masan Group. 

More work needed to popularise VN goods

While Vietnamese goods have become more popular in the domestic market, there's still a long way to go before local products rule the roost.


What's behind Masan-Vingroup merger?

Vingroup is now able to focus on its core businesses while Masan found its last piece of a puzzle to build an empire of consumer retail.

Quiet Hanoi and bustling Ho Chi Minh City on Black Friday 2019

During the Black Friday 2019 shopping season, Hanoi remained muted while Ho Chi Minh City shoppers were out in numbers.

Vien Thong A changes name to VinPro

The website and facebook page of Vien Thong A has officially been renamed to VinPro, Vingroup’s retail brand for high-tech products.

MWG predicts Bach Hoa Xanh may break even only next year

Mobile World Group (MWG) at a meeting with investors last week said Bach Hoa Xanh might break even later than expected.

Pressures from aging people may lead UNIQLO targeting Vietnam

The increasing number of elderly and the shrinking young population of Japan may be the main reasons pushing UNIQLO to other markets, including Vietnam.

Substantial discounts to be offered at Hanoi promotion month

Different levels of discounts will be offered to a wide range of products during the Hanoi Sales Promotion Month, which is set to take place in November with the participation of 500 retailers and businesses.


Vietnam: the rising star

Reading through the history of Vietnam gives one enormous respect for its people’s resilience. 

Vietnam's convenience retail channel hits record growth rates

As consumer demand for convenience soars across Southeast Asia, convenience retail channels are experiencing record growth rates and higher rates than any other retail channel, according to a new study by Nielsen.


Wholesale, retail, vehicle repair see highest number of new firms: GSO

Whole sale, retail, and vehicle repair service saw the joining of 16,100 new businesses, the highest number in the first four months of this year, up 14% year on year and accounting for 37.2% of the newly-established firms of the country.


Retail, consumer goods, and real estate will lead 2018 M&A market

 Retail, consumer goods, and real estate are forecasted to lead the Vietnamese mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market in 2018. In addition, the value of the M&A market is forecast to stay above $6 billion.

Young brands threatening giants

VietNamNet Bridge - In the digital era, long-lasting brands run by big companies are being threatened by younger companies which are using technology to run their businesses.

Retail, property deals dominate M&A market of Vietnam last year

 Many big and surprising merger and acquisition (M&A) deals were made in 2016 with retail and real estate continuing to dominate this market.