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Update news school violence

The Ministry of Education and Training has asked the Ho Chi Minh City administration to direct competent authorities to deal with a violence incident among students at a local international school.

Teachers’ deviant behaviors, PhD dissertation on badminton stir up academic world

Students returned to school after the April-May holiday and within three days, a number of controversies erupted.

Why do students have more aggressive behaviors than in the past?

More and more cases of students fighting each other have been reported recently.

Teachers disciplined after incidents at school

A teacher in Thanh Hoa was disciplined for drinking beer with students, and a teacher in Binh Thuan fell down the stairs after she was criticized for beating a student. These incidents were among others that caught the public's attention last week.

Student's attempted suicide: when psychological blows from teachers are scarier than the whip

When reading the news about a 10th grader in An Giang province who tried to commit suicide, Anh Hong in Hanoi shivered with fear.

Students, parents concerned about school toilets

School toilets have been a concern for students for many years. And not only students, but teachers and cleaners are also complaining.

Cursing in school: are teachers giving in to students?

Schools have been trying to prevent students from using foul language, and have even released regulations, but with little success.

Many student abuse cases reported in 2019

One of the issues put into discussion at the eighth session of the 14th National Assembly was the abuse of students by their teachers.

Urban students unhappy because of demanding parents

Many students have complained on social networks that they have been punished by parents for unsatisfactory learning records in the first semester of the academic year.

Alarm bell rung over young people's lifestyles

Experts have voiced concern about young people's contempt for traditional values.

Kindergarten deputy headmaster suspended for trampled child

The deputy headmaster of a nursery school in the southern province of Binh Duong has been suspended following the case in which a little child was trampled on by their classmates.

What can be done to stop school violence in Vietnam?

Education experts believe that cameras alone will not help prevent school violence. To do so, it is necessary to apply many measures at the same time.

In Vietnam, family education is being neglected

Many parents believe that schools have to take full responsibility for the maturation process of their children.

Will CCTV cameras help prevent school abuse in Vietnam?

While parents insist on installing cameras in classes to prevent school abuse, teachers argue that this will violate children’s rights and teachers’ privacy.

Teacher fired for child abuse

A teacher at the Maple Bear Westlake Point Kindergarten in Hanoi has been accused of mistreating children at the school.


To prevent school abuse, teachers told to stop demanding passive obedience from students

Psychologists point out that obedience teaching will put students at a disadvantage in school abuse cases.

Hot debate among educators about MOET’s new code of conduct in schools

The Ministry of Education and Training’s regulation aims to help teachers and students use social media in a healthy, responsible and effective way,

Education Ministry creates controversial rule prohibiting teachers, students from defaming education system

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has set a regulation which would prohibit teachers and students from disseminating, propagating, making comments and showing the images that may adversely affect the education environment.

School violence on the rise, Ministry seeks solutions

Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha has decided that headmasters of schools must be responsible for any school violence cases taking place in their schools.

Da Nang students learn how to protect themselves from abuse

Sunday might be a day off for most kids, but one classroom in Nguyen Hue Secondary School in the central city of Da Nang is full of students on the day of rest every week.