Hoi An Town to curb noise pollution

The authorities in Hoi An Town are trying to curb noise pollution in the area.

Hoi An Town to curb noise pollution

A corner of Hoi An Town at night

Nguyen Van Son, vice chairman of Hoi An People's Committee said the violations related to noise pollution had increased recently because clubs and cafe bars have opened.

Loudspeakers have also been installed on vehicles to advertise on the streets.

The police, the Office of Culture and Information, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and related agencies were also asked to work together to patrol the streets and ask the residents in their areas to take down illegal billboards and loudspeakers from walls or electricity pylons.

They were also asked to strictly deal with vehicles that use loudspeakers to advertise products.


The authorities have received complaints about restaurants and bars that played music too loud, operated over the permitted time or encroached the streets.

Some tourists have complained about loud noises, and persistent and cheating sellers.

In most cases, the restaurant owners have failed to meet the many requirements including soundproof for bars and clubs.

According to Son, they had tried to deal with noise pollution and violations in the city. Since last February, Hoi An People's Committee had asked restaurant and bar owners to follow the regulations such as lower the music, stop advertising over the permitted time, and have solutions to help drunk customers get home.


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