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Despite efforts for 10 years, Hanoi's pavements are still cluttered and have not been returned to pedestrians.

Old Saigon streets seen through the lens of a German photographer

"On the sidewalks, you will see countless street stalls, eateries, bike repair shops," German photographer Hans-Peter Grumpe said about HCM City in the early 1990s.

Hanoi to 'give pavements back to pedestrians'

The pavements in Hanoi’s old residential quarter have been occupied by petty merchants and used as parking lots and retail premises for many years. As a result, pedestrians have to walk on the roadbeds.

HCM City considers renting sidewalk spaces to petty merchants

A project on leasing sidewalk space is being considered by the HCM City Department of Transport as a possible solution to ensure an "urban civilization" and reduce the negative impact on people and traffic.

Commercial sidewalk use may be charged by HCMC authorities

HCMC is planning to allow the paid use of sidewalks for commercial purposes such as vending goods or parking if these business activities leave a space of at least 1.5 meters wide for pedestrians.

Saigon with the sidewalk economy

VietNamNet Bridge – Being considered as the "promised land," Ho Chi Minh City is also facing many difficulties and complicated problems that come from the informal workers.