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 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to "fix" Facebook, in what he described as his personal challenge for 2018.

“Game of social network giants” to battle over youngsters

 VietNamNet Bridge – In an era when virtual space takes the throne, everyone’s activities can become public common property. As youngsters today find that Facebook is no longer a safe sanctuary for their privacy,

Social network sharing makes users easy target for cybercriminals

Almost 30 per cent of social network users share their posts, check-ins and other personal information with everybody who is online, not just their friends, which leaves the door wide open for cybercriminals to attack since users are unaware

Will Vietnam block Facebook?

VietNamNet Bridge - Recent reports about the popularity of Facebook in Vietnam have given sociologists a start. Watchdog agencies have been urged to apply technological measures to reduce the time people spend on the social network.

Vietnamese browser Coc Coc ranks second in popularity after Chrome

Coc Coc, the Vietnamese developed browser and search engine, has surpassed Firefox and Internet Explorer to become the second most popular browser, after Chrome, in Vietnam.

New decree gives a tool to fine Facebook?

Though a new decree stipulating the punishments on the violations of the e-commerce law has been released, lawyers and analysts still argue about if Facebook would be fined if it does not register its operation to the watchdog agency.

Children rebel on social networks - parents are helpless

 VietNamNet Bridge - Many parents were extremely surprised when they knew that their obedient children were completely different people on the net.

Twitter will mine people's tweets to target ads

 Twitter on Wednesday began to allow ads to be targeted at users based on the words written in 'tweets' and messages forwarded to followers at the popular social network.

Social network sites bring societal change

 VietNamNet Bridge – In a dimly lit and heavily decorated room of a cafe in downtown Ha Noi, Tran Manh Tien and his four friends share the same table and are all busy surfing the net on their mobile phones and iPads.

Students “air their grievances” on social network

“Confession” not only is the place where students show their feelings and admit their faults, but also the space where they can talk about the problems they meet every day.

Vietnamese social networks “short of breath” in the race with Facebook

In 2012, or three years after the day Vietnamese Zing Me announced it left Facebook behind in September 2009, Vietnam witnessed the enthronement of the foreign big social network in Vietnam.

Fortunetelling big business after Tet

In recent years, the time immediately following Tet has been very lucrative for fortunetellers.

WeChat boycott brings opportunities to other service providers

Having realized that Vietnamese users turn their back to Chinese WeChat, other service providers have launched a lot of free apps to attract users.

Vietnamese bloggers still awaiting service providers

There is still a “powerful force of bloggers” in Vietnam, which means that the service still has great development potentials.

Internet users call on to boycott Chinese WeChat for security reasons

The Vietnamese Internet users’ community has called on people not to use Chinese WeChat, an OTT (over the top content) app, allowing to make calls and send messages free of charge.

Chinese Tencent and Baidu still grow well in Vietnam despite bad warnings

Warned that Vietnamese would give a cool reception, Chinese Tencent and Baidu social networks still have got a large community of users in Vietnam.

Zing Blog cherishes ambition to replace Yahoo Blog in Vietnam

Zing has launched Zing Blog service at which has been developed on the blog foundation of the social network Zing Me.