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It is one of the solutions to enhance electronic information management from now on.

Vietnamese social networks struggle to gain 60 million users

Will the third internet wave bring opportunities to Vietnam’s social networks that aim to gain users from Facebook?

How will Vietnam’s social networks compete?

Lotus, the newly launched ‘made in Vietnam’ social network, aims to focus on distributing content for press agencies and entertainment content producers.

Made-in-Vietnam Lotus network launched, aiming to have 60 million users

The Vietnamese social network Lotus revealed its plan to attract 60 million users in Vietnam during its official launch in Hanoi last night.


Vietnamese lose Facebook accounts after watching unlicensed movies

Many uers are invited to log on to a website with their Facebook accounts to ‘watch high quality movies’. As a result, they have lost their Facebook accounts.

Made-in-Vietnam social network Lotus to be launched this week

VCCorp has announced that the pilot version of its VND700 billion ($30.1 million) Lotus social network will officially be launched on September 16.


Pirated software community dying in Vietnam

Stricter copyright policy and people’s higher awareness about intellectual property have led to the closure of many websites which shared pirated software.

Chinese digital content firms flock to Vietnam market

The community of Vietnamese TV service providers has been stirred up by the news that Baidu and Tencent have begun selling VOD (video on demand) with subtitles in Vietnamese, collecting fees from VIP subscribers in Vietnam dong.

Is Vietnam challenging Facebook to single combat?

To build a Vietnamese social network and cement its position in Vietnam, the first thing that needs to be done is to defeat Facebook.

Anti-hacking services charge high fees

Many Vietnamese pay a fee to have their Facebook accounts protected, but experts have recommended against it.

Vietnamese social network debuts, competes with Facebook

A social network, called Gapo, created by Vietnamese and designed for Vietnamese youth, has been launched.


Does Zalo want to be a social network?

If it operates as a social network, Zalo will at a disadvantage compared with foreign social networks.

Vietnam needs to create national social network to replace Facebook: Minister

Vietnam needs to have its own social network and search engine to replace foreign platforms Facebook and Google, said Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung at a recent meeting with IT firms in HCMC.


How is the new VietNamTa social network faring?

VietNamNet Bridge - It’s still too early to tell if VietNamTa, which means ‘our Vietnam’, will be popular among Vietnamese, but it is getting more users day by day.

The MoMo Challenge on the internet: parents fear for their children

VietNamNet Bridge - “The MoMo Challenge is challenging our parenting skills,” BB, a mother wrote recently on her Facebook page, calling it a “nightmare”.

Vietnam plans to create its own Facebook-like social network, say experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Facebook remains the social network dominant in Vietnam with 60 million users a month. 

Are Vietnamese social networks powerful enough to replace Facebook?

The government of Vietnam has placed an unprecedented order: create a social network for Vietnamese. If this happens, Vietnam will be able to pocket hundreds of million of dollars from online ads and get other benefits.

Google+ shutting down after users' data is exposed

 Google is shutting down much of its social network, Google+, after user data was left exposed.

Minister wants to develop made-in-Vietnam social media

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam needs a digital ecosystem with focus on made-in-Vietnam social media instead of foreign owned players such as Facebook and Google.

Should students be taught how to manage their money?

Sociologists and psychologists all agree that it is necessary to teach personal finance management skills at school.