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Facebook Vietnam discovers forgery scams that aim to steal passwords

The scam of tagging people in forged articles about traffic accidents to steal passwords has been discovered by Facebook.

Vietnam creates legal foundation to protect personal information

Vietnamese Facebook users have the habit of publishing their personal information, which has lent a hand to automatic programs to collect users’ information.

Are there opportunities for social payments in Vietnam?

Experts say there is great potential for social payments in Vietnam thanks to the high number of social media users.

Why is the VIA scam market bustling in Vietnam?

The Facebooker community in Vietnam uses the term VIA, which refers to real accounts hacked and used by others to run ads or do anything else on Facebook.

Where are Vietnam’s social networks in comparison with Facebook, Google?

With the establishment of a series of social networks, Vietnam is one of only a few countries with domestic products that are competitive with cross-border platforms.

Is it time for next-generation social networks?

Every technological product has its life cycle…

Head of linguistics institute criticizes young people who make 'vulgar' statements

While some people think that everyone uses foul language sometimes in his or her life, others believe that the behavior must be condemned.

Vietnam wants to block cash flow to YouTube channels with bad content

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has taken action recently to prevent YouTube channels with bad content to protect YouTube users, especially youth, and the community of prestigious content producers.

Facebook: the rendezvous for anti-fan groups to defame people

With its popularity and easy policies, Facebook has proven to be the favorite place for anti-fans to gather to defame celebrities.

Fake Facebook ads difficult to control in Vietnam

The public, especially celebrities, can become the victims of impersonation used to boost sales of goods on social networks.

Sellers face problems caused by Facebook's checkpoint policy

Checkpoint is a security mechanism set up by Facebook to protect users from being attacked.

Why are Vietnamese Facebook posts that sell goods being prohibited?

Online sellers on Facebook have complained that they cannot sell their goods.

Parents worried about fifth graders use of foul language

Thu Trang, a parent in Ba Dinh district in Hanoi, yesterday evening scolded her son after discovering that he had used foul language when talking with his friends.

Vietnamese Youtubers try to lure viewers with ‘dirty’ clips

YouTubers try every possible way to boost view counts, including posting clips with 'unhealthy' content, as they hope they can get big earnings from YouTube.

Young people look to live streaming as source of high income

Fame and high incomes have prompted many young people to offer streaming content on internet platforms.

Is Facebook refusing to block 'dirty ads' in Vietnam?

Facebook has been accused of not blocking ‘dirty ads’ and lending a hand to the behavior of swindling consumers, thus harming the reputation of e-commerce websites and big brands in Vietnam, according to retailers.

VN social networking sites shaken by draft amendment

More than 500 local social networking sites will need to secure a permit to continue earning revenue if the draft decree amending Decree 72 is approved.

Vietnam’s businesses still skeptical about AI applications: RMIT

Though artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been making clear progress, Vietnam’s businesses remain skeptical about them.

Vietnam urged to develop digital platforms of its own

“If we don’t develop our own digital platforms, we will still just be hired workers in the next 15-20 years,” said Tran Thanh Hai, who was the CEO of beGroup.

Local platform’s work cut out to reinvent social networking

Vietnamese-made social networks are struggling to regain the Vietnamese advertising market from giants Facebook and YouTube.