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Do Anh Tuan, a businessman from Thanh Hoa, has surpassed the asset value of famous billionaires, including Ho Hung Anh and Tran Dinh Long, with stock assets of VND34.318 trillion.

Vietnam's entrepreneurial 'bosses': how are they doing?

There are several famous entrepreneurs in Vietnam who are called “boss”, including Vo Quoc Thang, Tran Dinh Long, Doan Nguyen Duc and Nguyen Duc Thuy.

Wife of Khai Hoan Land chair is in Top 200 richest people in Vietnam’s stock market

Tran Thi Thu Huong of Khai Hoan Land Group (KHG) has been listed among Vietnam's top 200 richest people, while her husband, Nguyen Khai Hoan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Khai Hoan Land, among top 100.

Big bosses of airline, securities company leave ‘hot seats’

Changes in leadership positions at Bamboo Airways, Louis Capital and Tien Phong Securities were the business highlights of last week.

Sons, daughters of famous businesspeople leave top posts

Some young sons and daughters from famous business families have unexpectedly resigned from their posts after gaining achievements.

Business stories: owners pocket more money

The wife of billionaire Tran Dinh Long has added her name to the list of top 10 stock billionaires. Luong Thi Cam Tu has been appointed as Chair of Eximbank. Boss Duc’s businesses face compulsory delisting. Top business stories:

Vietnamese tycoons pocket profit of over US$1 billion in 2021

2021 was a stormy year with two pandemic waves. However, thanks to reasonable strategies, Vietnamese billionaires weathered the storm and became richer.

Second-generation businesspeople steering multi-million dollar businesses

Many young entrepreneurs are managing assets worth billions of dollars, taking daring steps and gaining outstanding achievements.

Top businesspeople lead religious life on mountain, focus on charity

After becoming well-known businesspeople with big fortunes worth trillions of dong, many Vietnamese have left their posts to live a secluded life.

Vietnam's richest billionaire reports huge profits

More large corporations have released 2019 finance reports. The 2019 business season witnessed a boom of enterprises with the profit of over VND10 trillion.

Despite market fall, stock billionaires getting richer

VietNamNet Bridge - Some years ago, Vietnam only had about 10 people holding shares worth VND1 trillion or more. But the figure rose to 50 by the end of 2017 and to 60 by the end of 2018.

Who are the next US dollar billionaires of Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - The assets of Ho Hung Anh and Nguyen Dang Quang are difficult to analyze, but CafeF has named them as the newest US dollar billionaires in Vietnam.

Wealthy Vietnamese spend big money on luxury goods

VietNamNet Bridge - Goods which were considered unreasonably expensive in the past have become more popular in Vietnam because of the increase in the number of wealthy people.

Vietnamese billionaires’ assets far exceed Forbes-reported levels

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese businesspeople are getting rich quickly and have jumped into higher positions on the lists of the wealthiest people in the world. 

Vietnam's richest woman has assets of $500 million

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, CEO of Vietjet Air, has officially become the richest Vietnamese female, after Vietjet Air put its shares into transactions on the bourse.