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Many parents in Vietnam are choosing online extra classes for their children amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Shorter summer holiday for schools, more official national holidays proposed

Some educators and experts have suggested shortening the summer holiday and designing more holidays within a year.

“If I were school headmaster, I wouldn’t make my students study do hard”

Students at a meeting with the leaders of HCM City some days ago raised thorny questions and expressed thier wishes that adults have ignored for a long time.

Urban kids in Vietnam enjoy green summer holidays

Many kids in big cities are opting for farms in rural areas as venue for their summer holidays. This is a chance to immerse themselves in the nature and experience environmental protection activities.

Long summer break leaves parents looking for daycare

Students have a long three-month summer holiday, but many parents still don’t have a place where they can leave their children while they are at work.

What do Vietnamese kids want to do this summer?

Children all over Vietnam are out of school and excited about the summer holiday. How are they going to spend their free time?

Children's books released for summer holiday

New books for children published by the Kim Đồng Publishing House, a leading publisher for young readers, are now available in HCM City bookstores.

New drama for children hits summer holiday

IDECAF Stage, a leading private drama troupe in HCM City, is preparing to stage a new play for children and young audiences this weekend to welcome Children’s Day on June 1 and summer holiday. 

Urban parents already looking for summer classes for children

The academic year will end in late May, but parents have already begun looking for summer classes for their children.

Vietnamese parents rush to register children for summer camps

VietNamNet Bridge - As the summer holiday begins in late May, life-skill training centers have launched summer camp programs with very attractive offers.

What to do in the summer holiday – study or play?

VietNamNet Bridge - Hoang Hoa Thuy, a parent in Cau Giay district, said she and her husband discussed plans for the summer holiday fir an entire evening but could not come to agreement where to send their 9-year old boy.

"Third semester" begins for many students in the summer

VietNamNet Bridge - Summer holiday is not the time for many Vietnamese students to relax, but the period for them to study to prepare for the new academic year, to practice life skills, and improve foreign language skills.

Summer holiday shortened, students return to school in mid-July

Many schools have ignored the Ministry of Education and Training’s (MOET) instruction that the 2016-2017 academic year starts no sooner than August 1 and no later than August 25, and have asked students to return to school in July.

How do Vietnamese families spend their money on education?

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts have pointed out that Vietnamese parents are ‘dictated by feeling’ when making decisions related to their children’s education. 

Lacking playgrounds, city kids attend classes in summer

VietNamNet Bridge - As Hanoi lacks amusement parks and playgrounds for children, parents have to keep their children inside during summer holiday or send them to extra classes. 

Urban students busy with life skills classes during summer holiday

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese parents believe that the summer holiday is not the time for their children to go to school to study, but a time to learn life skills and practice foreign languages. 

Vietnamese children have few places to play during summer holiday

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese parents can take their children during the summer to modern and safe playing fields, which require expensive admission tickets, or to free playing fields, which are not safe enough.

The urban children “caged” in “glass houses”

Instead of relaxing and playing to enjoy the summer holiday, the children in urban areas have to stay indoors all day, go together with the parents to the office or go to the countryside to stay with grandparents.

What will students do in the “summer semester”?

Summer is not the time for Vietnamese students to relax, but the time for them to learn the things which are not taught at school.