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Vietnamese teachers, students frustrated with online teaching

Students play truant to avoid learning, teachers are confused about teaching aids, and apps for online learning have security risks.

Vietnam’s schools begin using AI in teaching

Many education establishments in Vietnam have been utilizing AI in school management and teaching, and have had encouraging initial achievements.

Life skills teaching in Vietnam raises concerns

The fact that three preschool children in Ha Nam province got severe burns during lessons about calling for help and escape in emergency situations has raised worries about the teaching of life skills at school.

HCM City’s education strives to reach high international standards

HCM City wants to become the leading locality in the country and in order to achieve the goal, it has to upgrade education quality to meet international standards.

Vietnamese professor in the US uses online games to teach classes

VietNamNet Bridge - Dr Vu Hoang Phu from UNK (University of Nebraska at Kearney) is using games to train future teachers.

$87.6 million project stops after 3 years of operation

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training's (MOET) project on applying VNEN (the Vietnam Escuela Nueva) model at general schools has not succeeded. 

Vietnamese parents, teachers turn students into ‘robots’

VietNamNet Bridge - About 3-5 percent of students are in a state of mild depression, while some suffer from severe depression and need medication and long-term treatment, according to a psychologist.

How many subjects are enough for high school students?

VietNamNet Bridge - In developed countries, high school students study four to five subjects, while Vietnamese students have 14.

Video of Japanese children crossing street impresses Vietnamese parents

A video clip of Japanese children crossing the street has unexpectedly caught the attention of many Vietnamese parents on the internet. The parents said it showed the differences in the way Vietnamese and Japanese children are taught.

Child abuse cases discovered

VietNamNet Bridge - Many child abuse cases have been discovered just within one month. On education forums, parents are expressing their anxiety about the unsafe schooling environment.

Intermediate schools receive bad news

VietNamNet Bridge - Bad news has come in succession to intermediate schools. New regulations may lead to a lack of students.

VN schools have to borrow money to implement new model

VietNamNet Bridge - VNEN, considered ‘the new school model for Vietnam’, has proven to be too costly for many schools in Vietnam, especially those in rural areas.

Teachers’ insults of students must stop: educators

VietNamNet Bridge - Scolding and insulting students has been a serious problem in the Vietnamese school environment for many years.

More Vietnamese teachers speak rudely to students

VietNamNet Bridge - More Vietnamese educators are speaking rudely to students. A video clip on the internet some days ago shows a teacher of English at a foreign language center insulting two university students during a quarrel about tuition. 

MOET stirs up controversy by amending primary-school regulation

Giving more ‘power’ to primary school students and changing the ways of criticizing and complimenting students are all measures the MOET has tried to implement to revolutionize education in the country. 

Schools add more extracurricular activities to enhance student self-reliance

VietNamNet Bridge - General schools in big cities have been integrating extracurricular activities into their training programs to help students become more self-reliant and dynamic.

Seventh graders unable to write their names

VietNamNet Bridge - Many  secondary school students in Huong Hoa District in the central province of Quang Tri have been found illiterate, with some of the oldest students unable to read or write. 

Vietnamese study at university for a degree, not for knowledge

The high percentage of unemployed university graduates in Vietnam is higher than in other parts of the world and there are not enough skilled workers for the national economy, experts say.

MOET struggles for the right to compile textbooks

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) said it must be involved in compiling a set of textbooks for every grade, but the public does not support the idea.

New testing software makes learning Vietnamese easier

Software recently released from the Vietnam National University – Hanoi (VNU-HN) aids students in familiarising themselves with the criteria and standard exam questions for Vietnamese language tests for foreign people.