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HCM City starts tourism recovery scheme by tours to “green areas”

Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Tourism is coordinating with travel firms and relevant agencies to further expand the pilot organisation of tours to local historical sites

Tourism promotion: no money, no proper solution

VietNamNet Bridge – Lacking money is considered the biggest problem of Vietnam in organizing tourism promotion campaigns.

Hanoi tries to lure tourists with heritages

Leading the country in terms of the number and value of heritages, but the heritages still have not been introduced to many travelers from all over the world.

Natural landscapes devastated by tourism overexploitation

VietNamNet Bridge – The industrial production has poisoned natural landscapes with the pollution.

Restaurants stick it on, travelers need to become “smart”

After having meals, a lot of travelers felt exceedingly astonished when receiving the bills. They were stung for millions of dong for the dishes worth several hundreds of thousands of dong.

Overcharging foreign travelers tarnish Vietnam’s image

A lot of swindle cases in which foreign travelers were the victims were discovered in Hanoi and some tourist sites just within a short time.

Long holidays bring the opportunities to overcharge tourists

VietNamNet Bridge – Travelers cannot make the most of the tourism season, but they can only taste the bitterness when they are overcharged at tourist sites.

A perfect holiday in Nha Phu Lagoon

Nha Trang never loses its appeal to tourists with its immense beaches and beautiful islands.

Vietnamese tend to become “smart tourists”

“Hunting” for discounted tours, traveling in groups or organizing trekking tours themselves are the solutions Vietnamese have chosen to save costs in the economic recession.

Hotel developers bet on niche markets

Despite the predicted oversupply of hotels in the central region and the reported difficulties in tourism development, investors still have been strongly determined to develop more hotels in the sea cities in the region.

Travel firms keep insisting on visa waver

Travel firms have been put on tenterhooks when hearing that Vietnam is considering removing the visa waver. They have warned that the move would cause a shock to foreign travelers and would keep the travelers away from Vietnam.

Too many obstacles hinder travel firms to develop environmental tours

Responsible tourism, especially environmental tourism, has been springing up in recent years. However, travel firms have complained they are meeting too many barriers to develop the new type of tourism.

Vietnam strives to obtain $10 billion in revenue from tourism

While the Vietnam National Tourism Administration (VNAT) highly appreciated the achievements and set ambitious plans on tourism development, travel firms feel depressed about the future.

Vietnam cannot attract tourists because of low budget for tourism promotion?

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has attributed the stagnation of the tourism industry to the lack of money to run tourism promotion campaigns.

Ignoring cheap domestic tours, Vietnamese prefer outbound tours

Vietnamese travelers have shown no interest in the sale promotion programs applied for domestic tours. They have still chosen outbound tours.

While being uncooperative, Vietnamese travel firms lose travelers

Vietnam has been slashing tour fees in an effort to attract more tourists in the context of the global economic crisis.

Tour fee reductions raise worries about tour quality

Travel firms have marketed a series of tours with attractive low fees for March in an effort to lure more travelers.

Travel firms report Tet "bountiful crop"

Though people have to cut down expenses, they still spent money to travel on Tet days.

Travel firms target near instead of far, new instead of old markets

VietNamNet Bridge – After experiencing a tough year 2012, Vietnamese travel firms have decided to find a new way to follow to survive the economic recession and develop.

How much does Vietnam need to promote tourism, 1 trillion or 1 billion dong?

The professionalism, not the big sum of money, will decide the success of tourism promotion programs.