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A decrease in the US’ imports from China could present a good opportunity for Vietnam to fill in the gap.

VN steel manufacturers struggle for shelter during tough period

A high number of steel manufacturers have reported loss as export markets have shrunk, while the domestic battle is fierce because of competition.

How will VND/USD exchange rate perform in US-China trade war?

The dong/dollar exchange rate has fluctuated sharply in recent days after the US decided to impose tariff of 25 percent on $200 billion worth of imports from China.

Steel prices spiraling out of costs amid electricity price adjustment

The retail electricity price increase has dealt a strong blow to the steel manufacturing industry, which is facing difficulties.

Foreign-made items ‘mistakenly’ labeled Vietnam-made deceive consumers

VietNamNet Bridge - Many products imported or made in foreign countries under outsourcing contracts have been found labeled ‘made in Vietnam’.

Is Vietnam really benefiting from US-China trade war?

VietNamNet Bridge - Many foreign enterprises in China have visited Vietnam to learn about the investment opportunities here, but most have not made decisions to relocate. 

Trade war brings more tenants to Vietnamese realtors

VietNamNet Bridge - The US-China trade war has helped IZ developers earn big money as more foreign investors are coming to Vietnam to seek land for workshops.

Vietnam’s open economy vulnerable to upheavals

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s economy is becoming more vulnerable to world events, especially the US-China trade war.

Chinese goods ‘borrow’ Vietnamese origin to go abroad

In 2018, the number of electric bikes that Vietnam exported to the EU increased significantly. At the same time, the EC conducted an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation against Chinese electric bike imports.

Vietnam needs to prepare for new period with a stronger China: economists

VietNamNet Bridge - Economists at a forum on Vietnam’s economic integration in December last year all agreed that Vietnam needs to prepare for the rising economic and political influence of China.

US unveils its criminal case against Huawei, alleging China giant stole trade secrets and violated Iran sanctions

The United States has filed criminal charges against Huawei, escalating its fight against the Chinese tech giant and potentially complicating efforts by Washington and Beijing to negotiate an end to their bruising trade war.

Will foreign investors relocate to Vietnam during the US-China trade war?

VietNamNet Bridge - Multinationals will have to think carefully about whether to relocate to Vietnam to avoid any negative impact from the US-China trade war, experts say.

Chinese aluminum a big threat to Vietnam’s manufacturing

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese aluminum manufacturers and high-end product importers are worried about cheap Chinese products flooding the domestic market.

Will Vietnam be able to absorb FDI flow diverted from China?

VietNamNet Bridge - Economists believe that Vietnam has learned lessons from the 2007-2008 period when Vietnam officially joined the WTO (World Trade Organization).

Vietnamese enterprises ‘cautiously optimistic’ about trade war opportunities

VietNamNet Bridge - Great benefits for Vietnamese enterprises from the US-China trade war are possible, but enterprises have been warned they may face risks without thorough preparations.

Multi-nationals begin leaving China, head for Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Multinationals have begun doing what they have threatened: relocating their factories from China to Vietnam.

How should Vietnam deal with ‘pretend Chinese investments’?

Investment by Chinese enterprises in Vietnam under different modes, from FDI (foreign direct investment) to M&As (merger & acquisition), is on the rise amid the US-China trade war. 

Imports from China expected to rise due to US-China trade war: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Chinese goods, especially chemicals and plastics, are expected to increase in Vietnam.

Vietnam warned against being ‘transit point’ for Chinese garments to go to US

Vietnam may become a place for Chinese goods to transit before going to the US.

Will Vietnam businesses become export agents for China?

VietNamNet Bridge - Economists have warned that the Vietnam economy will “bear a lot of damage from the US-China trade war”.