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Since China is Vietnam’s biggest trade partner, the sharp yuan devaluation will affect Vietnam’s imports and exports with China.

In trade war, FIEs in Vietnam get biggest benefits

In the first half of the year, foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) saw an excess of exports over imports of $15.68 billion, while the domestic economic sector witnessed a trade deficit of $15.7 billion.

China yuan depreciation puts VND under pressure: experts

A currency war could break out among a number of countries, Nguyen Tri Hieu, a finance expert told the press recently.

Chinese FDI: Vietnam needs to assess carefully to prevent risks

Saying that there is no discriminatory treatment to investment sources, experts have stressed that Vietnam needs a tool to ‘filter’ capital to prevent risks.

Can Vietnam benefit from US-China trade war?

The figures about imports/exports and investments in the first months of the year show that Vietnam did not receive big benefits from the trade war as estimated by some US agencies and media. In fact, the risks remain high.

Experts predict FDI in Vietnam to speed up

In the face of escalation of the US-China trade conflict, FDI to Vietnam will increase, with most of it coming from South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Vietnam takes serious measures to block exports with origin fraud

Amid the US-China trade war, the US is paying higher notice to Vietnamese products. As a result, enterprises have had to change business practices to adapt to new circumstances.

VN enterprises see positive prospects for woodwork exports

The opportunities are great for Vietnam’s woodworks industry, but great challenges exist as well, experts say.

How will the US-China trade war affect Vietnam’s financial market?

Vietnam has devuded not to devalue the dong in order to gain advantages in export.

Vietnam’s rare earth not attractive to industrial powers: scientist

Many countries, including Japan, once showed interest in Vietnam’s rare earth materials.


Vietnam warned its woodworks may be taxed by the US

Vietnam’s woodwork industry runs the risk of being watched by the US government for taxation as its export turnover has soared, especially in the context of the sharp rise in Chinese investment.

Vietnam’s exports see more opportunities in world market

By increasing processed and high-tech products and taking advantage of free trade agreements, Vietnam’s goods are being increasingly chosen by consumers in the world market.

Tycoons gather strength for new game – industrial property

Some large corporations with plentiful capital have decided to pour money into industrial real estate as they can see opportunity in the sector.


Vietnam advised to be cautious when receiving Chinese FDI

The increase in Chinese FDI in Vietnam is good news, but there are many risks that need to be anticipated.

Vietnam is only one option in relocation wave from China, says economist

The countries with developed technologies such as Japan and the US, when seeking places for their long-term investments, consider possible destinations such as Vietnam, Indonesia and India very carefully.

Vietnam to export rare earth minerals, faces competition with China

According to experts on geology and minerals, Vietnam's rare earth reserves are large, but have not been exploited effectively or exported.

US-China trade war increases risk of trade deficit for Vietnam

The US-China trade war and Chinese yuan devaluation have increased the risk of a widening trade gap, with more imports from China flowing to Vietnam.

Vietnam sees new movement of FDI inflows

Nearly halfway through 2019, Vietnam has begun to see a new noticeable transition in its foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, with Chinese investment in the Southeast Asian country reporting a sharp rise.


RCEP: Vietnamese businesses fear inner-bloc competition

Vietnam will have to compete with other RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) countries because its most advantageous products are similar to key export product items of the countries.

Vietnam’s businesses fear getting involved in US-China trade war

Businesses have expressed concern over the escalation of the US-China trade war, and are hurrying to seek solutions to anticipated problems.