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Chinese and South Korean partners in June unexpectedly announced the cancellation of contracts signed with Zara, a yarn producer in Dong Nai province.

Will Foxconn's expansion lead to iPhone production in Vietnam?

The expansion of Foxconn's investment in Vietnam may lead to the eventual production of iPhones in the country.

Vietnam's exports to US soar, but risks exist

With a growth rate of 34 percent, or $10.9 billion, Vietnam has jumped from 12th to 7th among the leading suppliers to the US market.

In Vietnam, technology giants battle it out

E-commerce firms are now gathering strength for more costly investments rather than focusing on ads and promotions.

VND remains stable amid other currency fluctuations

Institutions, foreign and domestic, have confidence in the stability of the dong, despite the depreciation of many local currencies in ASEAN.

Vietnam Customs Agency vows to combat origin fraud

The Prime Minister has given instructions to fight against origin fraud and illegal transshipment to protect brands and the prestige of Vietnamese goods.

Trade war worries lifted, but market growth flat: analysts

Concerns about the US-China trade talks have lifted for now, and investors are turning their attention to third quarter earnings reports and how listed companies will perform in the last three months of the year.


Vietnam worried as high-quality FDI declines

The foreign direct investment (FDI) flow to Vietnam in the first eight months of the year did not increase as expected, but instead fell sharply.

Vietnam’s GDP growing well despite global tensions

Vietnam is predicted to obtain the highest GDP growth rate in the region, but it is exposed to risks from the effects of global economic tensions.

US importers reconsider orders of Vietnam’s garments

Instead of getting benefits from the US-China trade war as predicted, Vietnam’s garment companies are meeting difficulties as US importers are reconsidering business with Vietnam’s exporters.

Vietnam buying more materials from the US amid US-China trade war

The US-China trade war is giving opportunities to Vietnam to diversify material supply sources, increase imports from the US to reduce the trade surplus with the country, and reduce the trade deficit with China.

VN Central Bank cuts interest rate in cautious step

Applauding the State Bank of Vietnam’s move to cut the prime interest rate, experts said the 0.25 percentage point cut, however, is relatively modest.

Vietnam needs to new growth model to escape middle-income trap

Building a reasonable growth scenario and finding out ways to achieve the goal is how that Vietnam can escape the middle-income trap.

Where will manufacturers go if US-China trade war gets worse?

Will Vietnam be chosen as the destination for investors who plan to move out of China?

Vietnamese manufacturers not afraid of cheap Chinese products

One of the biggest risks posed by the US-China trade war is the flood of cheap Chinese products into Vietnam.

Devaluing VND will do more harm than good: economists

Chinese FDI is rushing into Vietnam, bringing huge capital. However, Vietnam has been told to be careful about using this capital.

Industrial conglomerates leave China, head for Vietnam

Foxconn (Taiwan), TLC and Lenovo (China), Hanwa (South Korea) and Yokowo (Japan) are relocating their factories to Vietnam as a shelter from the ‘storm’ of the US-China trade war.

How will the US-China currency deal affect Vietnam’s exports?

Businesses are optimistic about the prospects of the two largest export markets, the US and China, after the Chinese yuan for the first time fell from the ‘red line’ since 2008 to 6,9225 yuan per dollar.

VND stable despite trade war escalation

Most currencies have depreciated against the US dollar but the Vietnam dong value has remained stable.

US-China trade war brings great opportunities, challenges

Asked about influence of the US-China trade war on their business performance, Vietnamese enterprises said they can see opportunities, but find it difficult to grab them.