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Authorities clamour for travel passes

While a special travel pass and financial bailouts are expected to help airlines in Vietnam come back from the brink, questions over their feasibility remain.

Dak Nong Geopark – a natural wonder

Dak Nong Geopark in the Central Highlands province of Dak Nong has been a luring destination to tourists and scientists and has been nominated for listing in the Global Geoparks Network by UNESCO.

Expat life in the ‘new normal’: how will COVID-19 affect the way we travel, live and work abroad?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had large-scale effects on all aspects of life. From trade flows to tourism, the spread of the disease has highlighted the vulnerabilities inherent in a globalised and interconnected world. 

Vietnam is safe, hospitable country for travelers: Australia’s 7News

Australia’s 7News last weekend run a five-minute report on Vietnam’s effort in combating coronavirus.

Tourist destinations nationwide reopen their doors

Tourists can now visit many tourist destinations which have re-opened since last weekend after the social distancing regulations have been eased.

Domestic flights and inter-provincial buses resume operation after social distancing eased

All domestic flights and inter-provincial buses resumed limited operations yesterday following the decision to ease social distancing taken by the Government yesterday.

Visit 10 dream destinations around the world without leaving home

If your travel plans have been cancelled due to the global coronavirus pandemic, don’t worry. 

Travel in the time of the coronavirus

Cheap flights, hotels and services, as well as empty destinations and an extended school break for children seem like all the right factors for a great holiday.

Top 10 cultural events of the year

With the theme 'Visit Vietnam Year 2019', Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa, the national tourism year staged more than 100 festivals and cultural activities to promote sea and island tourism.

Tien cave in Quang Binh

Tien Cave is the last and biggest cave among the Tu Lan cave system in Quang Binh province, boasting great stalactites of all shapes and sizes.

Why foreign tourists hesitate to spend big in Vietnam?

The revenue generated from inbound tourism has not been commensurate to the tourism potential.

Hanoi ranks second in top 10 honeymoon cities in Asia

The magazine described the city as a “great place to get away for a romantic trip, experience Vietnamese culture, learn about their history, and have some delicious food.”

Hanoi’s beauty in season of pure-white daises

In November days when the early cold spell together with winds is moving towards Hanoi, cuc hoa mi (the pure-white daisies) are in full bloom.

Council established to boost HCM City, Mekong Delta tourism cooperation

HCM City and the 13 provinces of the Mekong Delta region have agreed to establish a council to enhance their cooperation in tourism development.

Beach in Ben Tre covered with horn snails for six months

Millions of horn snails drift ashore to Chay Muoi Islet in the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre between October and April each year.

Valley of rice fields offers autumn retreat

The best time to travel to Tu Le is from August to November. The site is known for terrace fields, spectacular view over mountains and forests, hot springs and beautiful caves.

Na Hang: a natural beauty and feast for tourists’ eyes

A boat floats slowly across a mirror-like lake. Sky and water meet to create a feast for tourists’ eyes. Forests stretch out into the distance. Mountains rise majestically into the distance.

Flood season in Vietnam's Mekong Delta

The flood season in the Cửu Long (Mekong) River Delta is a natural phenomenon that occurs each year on the downstream Mekong River.

Hoi An – convergence of quintessence and culture

The ancient town of Hoi An in Quang Nam has been honoured as "Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination" at the 26th World Travel Awards for the first time.