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There are different remarks over the good harvest and export prices of rice in the Mekong Delta but the strong decline in rice export volume.

Who is allowed to export rice during the COVID-19 crisis?

The total amount of rice that Vietnamese exporters have to deliver to partners under contracts from now to the end of May is 1.385 million tons.

Vietnam struggles to reach rice export plan

Analysts warn that Vietnam will have to struggle to implement the rice export plan this year because many key markets have tightened control over imports.

National rice brand available, but still cannot be used

Vietnam Rice, the national rice brand, was made public in late 2018. However, no export company has been given the right to use the brand.

Rice demand from China declines, causing concern among farmers

VietNamNet Bridge - China’s role as a big rice importer of Vietnam’s rice is changing dramatically, sparking concern among farmers.

Food companies spend big money on food hygiene, branding

Food is one of the most attractive business sectors as it not only has a 93 million customer domestic market, but also a vast world market with average annual export turnover of tens of billions of dollars.

VN Food Administration warns of buying health food online

The Vietnam Food Administration (VFA) under the Ministry of Health has issued an alert after finding that a number of websites promoting dietary supplements and health products violated advertising regulations.

Vietnam encounters barriers exporting rice to China

Vietnam’s rice export price has unexpectedly surpassed Thailand’s prices, but the good news has been overshadowed by China’s higher import tariff on sticky rice and tighter control over imports.

Rice exports: good news arrives, but worries still exist

The current conditions are all favorable for Vietnam to export rice: global demand is high while export prices are on the rise. However, the unstable domestic rice market still concerns exporters.

Door to world market opens for Vietnam’s rice exporters

After winning bids to sell rice to Indonesia and the Philippines, Vietnamese exporters are attending a bid to sell rice to South Korea and preparing for another contract with the Philippines.

Ministry promises to reduce business barriers for rice exporters

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) had promised to reduce business preconditions to pave the way for more companies to export rice. However, businesses have complained that barriers to their market entry still exist.

Where’s Vietnam in the global value chain?

VietNamNet Bridge - Ten years ago, the risk for Vietnam was that it might miss the glbal ‘integration train’. Today, the question is where is Vietnam in that train?

Vietnam still fumbling for policy to control rice exports

VietNamNet Bridge - Vinafood 1 and Vinafood 2 want to be exclusive bidders for government-to-government (G2G) rice export contracts, but analysts warn of the dangers of a monopoly. 

Vietnamese rice labeled with foreign names sells better than domestic brands

VietNamnet Bridge - Vietnamese choose foreign rice not because the latter is better, but because Vietnamese enterprises don’t know how to build their brands, experts say.

Bottlenecks in rice production chain affecting market share

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s rice production is meeting difficulties because of two bottlenecks at the ends of the production chain, leading to a decline in market share. 

As Chinese stop importing fruit, farmers look to domestic market

VietNamNet Bridge - As many Vietnamese farmers are reliant on the Chinese market, they have suffered as Chinese traders have reduced fruit imports. 

Rice exports expected to face tough competition

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnam Food Association (VFA) has warned that it would be difficult to export rice in 2017. 

Farm produce falls in price, farmers incur losses

Pineapple, watermelon and chili growers are complaining about the hot weather which has forced them to work hard to water crops. Meanwhile, farm produce prices have dropped dramatically.

Vietnam’s rice price out of sync with rest of world

VietNamNet Bridge - The rice price in the Mekong Delta has increased in the last couple of weeks, which has resulted in higher export prices. 

Massive imports overpower domestically made products

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam spends big money every year to buy foreign goods and services, including those which could be made or offered domestically.