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24k gold-plated dragon sculpture for Lunar New Year decoration

24-karat gold plated dragons are hitting local markets ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year of the Dragon, with the items selling for between several million and tens of millions of VND.

Tiger images in antiques displayed

More than 30 antiques and documents bearing images of tigers are on display at the National Museum of Vietnamese History in downtown Hanoi.

Art teacher brings pebbles to life

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the life of many in the creative art community.

Paintings on lotus leaves

The lotus plant is very spiritual and loved by Vietnamese people from all walks of life. In order to bring the image of this special flower into daily life, 

Life sketches record hustle and bustle of Sai Gon

Sai Gon is sick, seriously sick. The pandemic has messed life up, made things disordered and left people strongly affected. A new art project is aiming to highlight the plight of the city, while encouraging the people to be strong and raising money

3D jelly cakes beautify life

In recent years, 3D jelly cakes have become a popular product in Vietnam. Nguyen Minh Phuong, a jelly cake-making expert in Hanoi has developed a 3D jelly cake making community, turning the cake from favourite dessert to art.

Debut of Dien Bien Phu Campaign panorama on horizon

A panorama artwork of the Dien Bien Phu Campaign is expected to be officially debuted on May 7 in Dien Bien province to mark the Dien Bien Phu victory over French colonial rule.

Vietnamese paintings return to homeland

The painting "Madame Phuong" by painter Mai Trung Thu recently sold for US$3.1 million, a high point in Vietnam’s cultural life.

The colorful return of a highland child

Artist Thu Tran has opened an exhibition featuring a huge hexagon made of steel covered with colourful fabric illuminated by lights all over a hill, creating a vision of splendour in Son La Province.

Hanoi’s seasonal appeal grabs young artist

Hanoi’s seasonal beauty and its original architecture featuring both old and modern elements have long been a source of inspiration for young painters, one of whom is Hoang Phong.

Painter surprises art lovers with wooden bas-reliefs

Hanoi-born painter Bui Duc, famed for his lacquer paintings, surprised his fans when he presented his latest artworks at an exhibition that opened in the capital on Friday night.

Exhibition on Vietnamese women opens in HCMC

To celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20, the Craig Thomas Gallery in District 1, HCMC, is holding an exhibition on Vietnamese women featuring a collection of silk paintings by female artist Nguyen Thi Chau Giang.

Vietnam Institute for Arts Education launched

Vietnam Institute for Arts Education (VIA Education) has made its debut in HCM City with a target to build a sustainable, vibrant, active and inspiring arts community that seeks to develop optimal standards in arts  and creative education in Vietnam.

Veteran actor’s drama troupe opens

The new drama troupe Sen Viet, composed of 25 young actors, has opened in HCM City. 

National museum hosts first solo exhibition by Duy Hoa

Artist Nguyen Duy Hoa’s first solo exhibition has opened at Vietnam Museum Fine Arts.

Exhibition opens at Craig Thomas Gallery depicting loneliness, isolation

Painter Tuyen Nguyen on September 25 opened a solo exhibition portraying loneliness, especially during this period of social distancing, at the Craig Thomas Gallery in District 1, HCMC.

Exhibition showcases sculptures by artists from big cities

Thirty-two sculpture artists from Hanoi and HCM City will showcase their works at an exhibition in the centre of Hanoi from Friday to October 18.

Artists focus on canvas

Three artists are telling their personal and unique stories through paintings at the ongoing exhibition entitled Toan (Canvas) in Hanoi.

Traditional Vietnamese dishes are made from clay

Miniature models, including bowls of Pho, noodle soup, and bread, have gone on sale at a souvenir shop in Hanoi, proving to be popular among visitors due to their production from clay by a young girl.

Artworks of Vietnamese-born graffiti artist go on display in Hanoi

Vietnamese French painter Cyril Kongo has opened his first gallery in Hanoi with the ambition of showcasing a range of graffiti pieces to local art lovers.