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In Vietnam, the 100 largest family businesses contribute up to 25% of the country's GDP, according to data from the Vietnam Chamber of Trade and Industry (VCCI). Succession has always been a great concern of previous generations.

Top business news of the week Sep 5-11

G36 President Nguyen Dang Giap, TNH President Hoang Tuyen, TVC CEO Do Thanh Ha, the ‘hot seats’ at Eximbank and GPBank, were the outstanding businesspeople of last week.

Famous Vietnamese businesspeople born in the Year of the Tiger

Famous businesspeople Doan Nguyen Duc, Do Quang Hien, Nguyen Duc Huong and Huynh Bich Ngoc were all born in 1962, the Year of the Tiger.

13-year struggle ends with victory for Vietnamese investor

A 13-year confrontation between Vietnamese and foreign investors at a leading sweets manufacturing company has come to an end: the Vietnamese investor has acquired the entire company while the South Korean investor has left.

Second-generation businesspeople steering multi-million dollar businesses

Many young entrepreneurs are managing assets worth billions of dollars, taking daring steps and gaining outstanding achievements.

Business stories: The bosses with the most leisure time

Company presidents Tran Dinh Long and Dang Thi Hoang Yen have time to go to cafés and don’t attend shareholder meetings.

Boss Thuy maked impressive comeback, boss Duc gets rich quickly

Some of the big business deals last week: Nguyen Duc Thuy planned a major deal worth VND3 trillion upon his comeback, Doan Nguyen Duc continued to pour money into football, and Le Phuoc Vu made a number of deals.

Pocketing trillions of dong, businessmen succeed in new fields

A number of businessmen returning from Eastern Europe have been making great marks in the banking sector.

CEOs take the ‘hot seats’

“I am overwhelmed with joy. But the worry about what to do to help the corporation overcome the pandemic is 20 or 30 times more,” said the newly appointed chair of Vietnam Airlines.

Vietnamese businessmen getting more ambitious

 VietNamNet Bridge – $1 billion was once the total annual revenue that all the enterprises in the same industry strived to get. Meanwhile, one billion dollars is the turnover that a single enterprise can make nowadays.