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The cooler weather is moving in as autumn turns to winter, and people are craving a hot snack in the early evening like banh ran man (salty glutinous rice doughnuts).

Vietnamese food: Rice cooked in bamboo tubes

Rice cooked in bamboo tubes is a speciality of the Muong ethnic group.

Vietnamese food: Grilled pork wrapped in pomelo leaves

The dish is an indispensable part of any special meal made from leaves, a tradition of the Mường ethnic group.

Snack for a rainy day

Hoa Binh Province is endowed with diverse terrain, with hills, rivers and lakes dotted across the landscape. There is no shortage of delicious food that once tried is hard to forget,

Hoi An’s fried shrimp wonton

Fried shrimp wonton is among the dishes visitors should not miss in the ancient town of Hoi An. Wonton is made with rice flour and filled with ingredients such as shrimp, pork, egg, and spices.

Vietnamese food: Mountain snail salad

If you happen to be in Mai Chau during the rainy season, mountain snail salad is a dish you shouldn’t miss. 

Vietnamese food: Mountain snail salad

If you happen to be in Mai Chau during the rainy season, mountain snail salad is a dish you shouldn’t miss.

Grilled chicken feet: crispy snack great with beer

Grilled chicken feet may sound unappetising, especially when compared to chicken wings, drumsticks or fillet steaks, but they are actually a delicacy in Vietnam, often eaten by many locals with friends and beer.

Autumn – Hanoi’s most seductive season

Hanoi is at its most graceful and poetic in autumn. It is often vividly colorful.

What to eat with US$4.3 in downtown Hanoi

Below is a list of quality restaurants offering food for less than VND100,000 (US$ 4.3) per person in the busiest central districts of the capital city of Hanoi. Prices may vary depending on restaurants.

Vietnamese food: Grilled chicken feet

You have probably eaten chicken drumsticks or hotwings but what about chicken feet? 

Da Nang’s special pork rolls

Rice paper rolls with pork, or banh trang cuon thit heo in Vietnamese, is a tasty dish popular throughout Vietnam. This “version” in Danang seems to be a good choice for diners who want to have something new in their daily meal.

Vietnamese food: Grilled pork skewer

It may look like a simple snack, but the main ingredients for grilled pork skewers are love, care, and of course, plenty of flavour. But be warned.... one is never enough.

Vietnamese food: Fried rice flour cake

Bot chien (fried rice flour cake) is one of the most popular HCM City street foods, with its golden crust, soft texture and savoury dipping sauce. 

Vietnamese food: Pyramid rice dumpling

Egypt is famous for its pyramids, but did you know Vietnam has pyramids too? But in Vietnam they are not huge structures in the desert, but instead tasty snacks made from rice.

Food in the city

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the world’s healthiest. 

Vietnamese food: Tofu pudding

Feeling the heat? This traditional treat is a sure fire way to cool down! Those of you with a sweet tooth won’t want to miss out on a bit of tofu pudding.

French daily suggests Hanoi’s must-eat street food

French daily Le Figaro recently ran an article introducing Hanoi’s most renowned street food. The article was headlined “In Vietnam, eight wonders to taste in Hanoi – a temple of street food”.

Architect graduate looks small to go big

While studying at university to become an architect, Ha An, owner and chief creative figure of the Hanoi-based Veene Studio, probably dreamed of designing grand houses and epic constructions.

Young food stylist brings flair to Vietnamese cuisine

With her desire to improve the visual presentation of Vietnamese dishes, Meo Thuy Duong quit her career as a graphic designer to become a food stylist. After devoting much effort and time, Duong is now known as a famous food stylist in the country.